Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sporadic Times

Well life is what happens while we are busy making our little plans. I have more ideas and articles I want to write than I have the time for, unfortunately.

I went to the Raleigh last weekend. Unfortunately, Star's youngest beautiful Tibetan Terrier suddenly went from a perfect state of health to paralysis in her rear end within a 12 hour time period. It was touch and go and we had to return without her beloved Rishi Dakini Wind Dancer. Dance did improve on Monday so I took the time to help bring her home. Now Star has to deal with four - six weeks of keeping this active youngster in a crate so hopefully they can avoid spinal surgery.

BTW, the North Carolina Emergency Vet Clinic is fabulous. It's definitely worth the drive (and the money) if you have a seriously ill animal. Star met a gentleman from Virginia Beach who had brought his dog to the clinic.

So Star is on hiatus but since I was so helpful she will try to do an article soon on the wonderfully healthy, but unorthodox diet that she feeds her Tibetan dogs. Star never had to deal with any of those recent pet food scares but none of it surprised her. So those of you with pets that you love you might want to check out how Star is keeping her canines healthy. I must say that I'm impressed with their health, and the "training" of two of her dogs. Unfortunately I think Dance has ended up training Star.

I'll probably be very infrequently on line for the near future...I'm having my own ailments with a very sore neck and I'm expecting company to come in town next week....

I hope EVERYONE out there is able to spend some quality time with friends and family b/c nothing is more valuable. I sincerely doubt that anyone has ever said this on their death bed has ever said....."I wish I had spent more time working, making money and blogging."

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