Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bush's Dream Team Works To Make US Occupation Permanent

Bush has General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker making plans to negotiate a pact with Iraq (that will NOT go to Congress for approval) that will LOCK the US into Iraq for the next two Presidential terms and set a foundation for a permanent US presence in Iraq.

Will someone explain to me why Pelosi took Impeachment off the table. It would be better to lock Cheney and Bush up with defending themselves than allowing them to continue to create havoc with our country's future.

Bush and Cheney plan to KEEP us in Iraq so taxpayers can continue to foot the bill so their oil companies can swoop in and reap the profits AND they want to start another war with Iran.

When is Congress going to say enough is enough. Congressman Wexlar AND Congressman Dennis Kucinich are both calling for impeachment. Americans need to rise up and demand that their representatives support impeachment proceedings now....before it's too late.


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