Monday, January 07, 2008

The Democratic Dream Ticket?

I'm in such a quandary. On the issues, my first choice is Dennis Kucinich and my second choice is John Edwards. However, the corporate media has done such a fine job of portraying Dennis as a "kook." Until this is remedied, if ever, I'm afraid he's not "electable" until instant run off elections become the norm in this country. (Of course, we know the "status quo" corporate establishment types in both parties will continue to fight the instant run off concept that gives voters greater choices....)

I listened to Michelle Obama speak last night. I don't believe that Obama is correct on some of his issues. A major issue for me is health care. I'm confused that Obama can see that cutting out the middle man in student loans saves the tax payer millions of dollars that can be used by students and yet he doesn't see the logic of cutting out the middle man in health care?

However, that being said...I do believe that Obama is the best candidate for working to unify our country and restoring the United States of America. That would be a plus for our country and after years of being pressured to be fearful and attack each other a refreshing change of course. Plus I do believe the man's values are in the right place so maybe he'll be open to the concept and practicality that universal health care offers for us all.

I saw Michelle Obama speak in New Hampshire last night. I want Michelle Obama for President!! In comparison, Hillary Clinton looks like the status quo, corporate girl she is. Just proves my point that when we do elect a woman for president in this country we can do much better than Hillary Clinton.

Then I think, okay I'm leaning towards Obama now....even though I believe John Edwards is better on my issues...What if....we could get an Obama / Edwards ticket? Now wouldn't that be something? I just hope John Edwards will go for it and strikes a deal (that maybe strengthens that health care issue that Obama is currently lacking....

Now we know the press keeps clamoring about a feud between Michelle Obama and Elizabeth Edwards, both good women imo. Maybe Michelle will be able to see that her husband is safer with a VP like Edwards....I doubt vehement opponents would want to "replace" Obama with Edwards....It's probably along the same kind of thinking that matched up Bush with Cheney?

But at least, in this instance we are talking the Luke Skywalker team and not Darth Vader.



Lyle Solla-Yates said...

I share your presidential preferences. My take on Obama is that he has his heart in the right place, but doesn't have the understanding and the political savvy to drive through the changes that need to be made. I know Hillary has that ability but is unwilling to go far enough. My hope is that Edwards has both and will rebound.
One quick correction: according to mathematic analysis, instant runoff elections are not as effective as hoped. Range voting appears to be superior for a number of reasons, including ease of implementation, support for a diversity of representation, and broader satisfaction with representatives.
Much more info on that topic here.

Mosquito said...

I'm wondering how naive Obama is...but after listening to his wife's speech about his history and background I realized I was more clueless on Obama's range of experience.

I have never heard of range voting. I just looked it up....Interesting concept I'll have to study it more.

Thanks so much for the info. I do appreciate learning something new today.

Mac said...

Obama has the charisma we haven't seen since the Kennedys in the 60s, and he does have a fairly progressive outlook on the issues. If he cleans Hillary's and Edwards' clocks in the next few primaries, I think he is going to be the man.

But still he is squarely in the Matrix of mainstream Corporate America, so this all but blocks him from any profound changes. Remember that America is heavily invested in the war machine and carbon-based energy, not to mention pharmaceuticals and HMOs, etc., so these industries will heavily resist change, and they have big-time clout. Changes will likely be more cosmetic, although there is an X Factor here. If the economy nosedives as bad or worse than some are predicting, this could drive popular demands through to legislation, despite the lobbyists, some of whom might get tarred and feathered if the circumstances are extreme enough.

Obama is very likely going to maintain the War on Terror paradigm in some form, which is the worst black hole sucking at the wealth and blood of America, not to mention the planet.

He just recently restated that he will go into Pakistan without Pakistan's permission to attack "terrorists", if need be if he is President. What a prescription for magnifying the ongoing disaster! Another 150,000,000 Moslems pissed off with us.

This unfortunately indicates the same mindset as Bush, that the world is my cherry and I can do with it what I want. Nobody has ever enthroned American Presidents as the Emperors of the Universe, the Universe having its own idea as to who is in control, and who will usually destroy such hubris.

Mosquito said...


Yeah, I think he's going to be the man also....

I'm hoping, with his history as an organizer in the trenches, that he will have what it takes to take on the corporations....the fact that he isn't getting rid of the middle man (insurance corporations) from health care definitely gives me a long pause.....

Anonymous said...

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