Monday, January 07, 2008

Mitt Romney supports the Iraq war so....

Why isn't a single one of his five sons fighting in it? What is it with the modern day chickenhawk politician that they think "others" should be the ones sacrificing and carrying all the burdens? Buzz...Buzz..


Scott White said...

Oh come on now Skeeter!!! First off, this discussion was held MONTHS ago (August???) and died the appropriate death then. (do a search on my blog for Romney).

We don't "send" out sons and daughters off to war. They volunteer or they don't. They are adults and make their own decisions.

I can't speak for Mr. Romney, but I can assume that he would support his son(s) if they did decide to join up.

If your ideological beliefs are shared with your children, and they choose to align with them, then they generally will follow you in decisions. If, however, they do not align, that is great too! Gives you more to talk about at family re-unions. (reprint from my original blog post about this...)

To indict a man because of the decisions of his adult children to serve or not to serve in the military is stretching a long ways.

Mosquito said...

I agree with you on your points about the rights of children to be individuals with free will.

But there is a pattern of values that our children often carry with them into adulthood. And looking at the pattern it is a sad state of affairs when today's alleged leaders of America end up sending OTHER people's children to war and never their own.

There is something wrong when public service and sacrifice is only demanded form the least empowered members of a society. That's really my beef...the ones who are currently sacrificing are giving up much for very little in return. While many folks (I'm especially thinking the Dick Cheney war profiteer model here...are making money hand over fist with this war (and others) and sacrificing nothing.

That's my real beef.....and it's probably better articulated due to your comment. So thank you for checking in with your comments.