Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hillary Clinton is Running like a Republican

Hillary Clinton is playing dirty tricks which are un-Democratic.

In New Hampshire, Clinton cronies mailed out a FALSE mailer suggesting that Obama was not a supporter of women's right to choose.

In Nevada, Hillary's allies are engaging in voter repression. That's right. Nevada Democrats who are supporting Hillary are now in court suing for a rule change (a rule change that these very same Democrats originally voted for.) That's right these very same democrats were part of a unamimous vote to allow democratic caucasses to take place in several casinos so that the casino workers would have a chance to participate in the Democratic primaries.

There was no problem until the casino worker's union voted to endore Barrack Obama. Now Hillary's Nevada cronies are suing to repeal the rule they themselves supported.

Hillary seems to know that her only chance of winning is to have FEWER voters coming to the polls. This is the anti-thesis of Democracy and is something I would expect from a Republican candidate not a Democrat.

Shame on Hillary Clinton and her allowing such actions to occur for her benefit.

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