Thursday, January 17, 2008

Wexler Calls for Impeachment Hearings

IF this should occur....What do you think the average American will want when she/he finds out that Bush/Cheney went to war with Iraq in spite of the fact that there were offers to turn over Osama Bin Laden and his top men AND destroy his training camps. In addition, Saddam Hussein offered to leave Iraq tree weeks prior to our illegal and disastrous invasion.

What is the evidence that the wireless surveillance on Americans started BEFORE 9/11?

What is the evidence that Cheney and Rove did "out" an undercover CIA agent?

What is the evidence that Bush/Cheney destroyed millions of emails to cover up the "outing" of a CIA agent and what was discussed prior to the Iraq invasion?

And the list of crimes goes on and on......

Put your memory cap on....think back to right before we invaded...Even the US corporate media aired at least once Saddam Hussein's offer to leave Iraq in order to avoid an invasion....Definitely makes George Bush look even crazier than Saddam Hussein doesn't it? AFter 1 million IRaqi's have died, at least 4 thousand American troops dead (these numbers are "fudged"---if a troop dies on the helicopter being transported to the hospital or in a hospital from his wounds he/she is not counted as a war fatality) and over 1 trillion Amerian dollars spent (the cost when the costs of the wounded to date are factored in)...when we realize none of this had to take place....and this is only a "portion" of the Bush/Cheney crimes....

Let's hold the hearings, let's get the facts, and THEN let us decide.

IF Congress can take the time to hold hearings on steroid abuse in baseball surely they can take the time to hold impeachment hearings.

The majority of the American people want Impeachment hearings. The majority of Americans love our country more than any political party. We want freedom and justice restored.

Is our Congress going remain complicit with the Bush/Cheney war crimes?


Cargosquid said...

PLEASE try to impeach. That travesty would guarantee a GOP majority. BTW, how does one impeach someone that has no authority?

Every one of his statements have been covered by Congress, most of which have been attempts by Congress to seize Executive power. Impeachment hearings are not happening because in those hearings would come proof that the "charges" are trumped up.

Since Cheney has no authority, he has no accountablility. Everything that he does, has to be approved by the President. The President can be impeached for improper approval of actions by Cheney. Then Cheney would be President.

That would be nice.

Would they be calling for the impeachment of the Bush/Cheney if a Dem WAS NOT slated to be their successor? How about if Gingrich was still Speaker? Bet not.

Mosquito said...

I'm glad (whatever your motivations) that you'd like to see impeachment hearings get underway.

The sooner the better...and once the facts start pouring in I "think" many Republicans are going to be "disgusted" over what has occurred in America's and the Republican party's name.

I really do believe that the majority of Republicans love Ameria and will be calling for a trial for Bush, Cheney, Rove, Rice and others.....