Saturday, February 16, 2008

Another Big Fat Lie by George Bush

George Bush has been lying through his teeth about the FISA bill that he "insists" on passing. What is George Bush intent on hiding from the American people with the retroactive immunity clause?

If this matter is fully investigated then the American people will be the last to be told that the Bush/Cheney Cabal began their illegal wireless surveillance program BEFORE 9/11 and that it's main targets were not terrorists but the American people themselves (including some journalists...and I bet some of our elected officials also). The problem was that the existing FISA law would have restricted the Bush/Cheney Cabal to actually target 'suspects" not your averae American citizen, or a journalist investigating something that the Bush/Cheney Cabal wanted hidden.

So Bush was willing to lie, throw tantrums, scream that national security and "keeping Americans safe" was the issue...when the issue was retroactive immunity and protecting Bush/Cheney and their minions from prosecution for breaking laws tme and again.

What was even worse, was that time and again, was how Congress would give in without a fight whenever Bush played his "keeping US safe card."

FINALLY, some congressmen have stood up and called Bush's bluff. Amazingly enough it was not the Senator I most expected would stand up to Bush and call his bluff---Senator Webb folded and ended up supporting what Bush wanted.

It was a few House Democrats, noteably Rep. John Conyers, Rep Silvestre Reyes, and Rep Nancy Palosi who have taken the stand.

And what has Bush done in response? Bush had said he would have to cancel his AFrica trip. Well, Bush is in AFrica. Meanwhile there has been no increased level of America's terror threat level.

Obviously, Bush and Cheney are lying in an attempt to protect their own butts. Thankfully some membr


Mac said...

It is all about extending the architecture of the Matrix, turning us into worms in a jar, ants in a colony, insects under the microscope, the ultimate fantasy of totalitarians.

Mosquito said...

Globalization and the New World Order are scarey proposals that's for sure.

I keep hoping that the human spirit inherent in all of us will never be extinguished enough to allow them to succeed...although when I look at the culture of white Americans I am less optimistic and have a serious reflective pause.

It's when I look at the revolution going on in South America among the alleged "uneducated" poor peons that my heart jumps with joy and hope.

I am also finding the spirit that is igniting with Barack Obama in this country as another hope possibility....

We shall see Mac...We shall see...


libhom said...

If Bush really cared about our national security, he would end a war in Iraq that is helping Al Qaida train and recruit terrorists.