Sunday, February 17, 2008

Christian terrorsits praying for deaths of opponents

Devout compassionate Christian friends of mine are going to cringe at this latest news. Some Southern Baptists are being encouraged to do a death prayer--Imprecatory pryaer--and pray for the deaths of "opponents." Southern Baptist Pastor Wiley Drake is encouraging his congregation to pray for the death of staff members of Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

The more I see of Christian Churches headed by folks like Pat Robertson, Dobson, and Drake the more I wonder how anyone can mistake their teachings as those of Jesus. Many right wing Christians in America have distorted Christianity as much as the extremists who are twisting Islam to justify terrorism. Wishing death to your opponents seems to be a common theme for all these groups.

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Catzmaw said...

Wow! Way to violate the central teachings of the Prince of Peace. This is disgusting.

libhom said...

It's a good thing prayer doesn't work. No one is there to listen.

However, I am concerned that one of the nutty followers might decide to act out to make the wishes come true.

dvd_rodriguez said...

Well I don't know, but king David also prayed for the demise of the wicked and his enemies. Also, the LORD said to the Lord that HE will make His enemies His footstool. Who knows what is right or wrong anymore. So the Lord Jesus also has enemies. What is Jesus going to do with them?