Sunday, February 17, 2008

Deputy Charged with Felony Abuse for Dumping Man out of Wheelchair

Charlette Marshall-Jones was placed on leave without pay and charged with felony abuse for dumping a man out of his wheelchair in order to search him. More Info Here. Here's the original video.

Whenever I view the callousness I see in this video I believe that some folks should not be given the powers of an "officer of the peace." No amount of training is going to get rid of some folks callous and sadistic tendencies. None of the "officers" in the video appeared to be ruffled by this hideous, callous behavior. Maybe police officers should have be screened with some basic psychological test before communities invest money in training them.

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Anonymous said...

That women who work as prison guards or deputies can be as sadistic as anyone else should come as no surprise to Americans in the aftermath of the Abbu Gahraib scandal.

People selected for these jobs need to be regularly screened for mental defects and audited on the job to ensure that they perform only their duties.

I believe it would be helpful to ensure that no person serve in these positions for longer than three years to help prevent the deputies/guards from losing their sense of humanity.

Already our Police and others in the "law-enforcement community" have adopted an, us versus them, mentality, where all citizens are seen as potential perpetrators, rather than as fellow citizens whose civil rights are to be protected and honored.

It would be helpful if work in the police field was transformed into a temporary position, so that these folks would know that they would have to return to earning a living at some trade or other skill once their time policing their fellow citizens is over.