Thursday, February 14, 2008

Media Alert--Huckabee May Have Won Washington

The Corporate Media is once again back on task and simply broadcasting the Republican Party's propaganda with no questions asked.

In Washington, the vote counting stopped at 87% of the votes counted when McCain pulled slightly ahead of Huckabee by just 242 votes with only a 1.8% lead by McCain. Huckabee announced he was not conceding the election, discussed the "wierd things going on," and is checking his legal options.

Meanwhile Reuters simply reported the Washington State Republican's verdict that McCain has won the state, making no mention that the state had stopped counting the votes with 13% of the votes not counted. (I'm willing to bet that the remaining 13% of the votes did not belong to many precincts that were predicted to vote favorably to McCain. Why else announce McCain the winner without completing the vote tally.

Why does any American rely on Corporate media to keep them informed when the Corporate Media leaves out such pertinet facts? For more info here's the link.


The Green Miles said...

Once when I was a TV news producer I got into an argument with my colleagues about the government's latest terror warning. I said we shouldn't go overboard unless the feds were willing to give us some evidence about targets or suspects. One of my fellow producers actually said, "We can't question the government."

Years later, we'd find out detainees were telling the government whatever it took to get them to stop waterboarding them.

Mosquito said...

Thanks for sharing....In the meantime we have to rely on the few investigative reports willing to "investigate and do the research necessary" to be journalists and not simply stenographers for the government's propaganda campaign.

BTW, WE love the green mile blog over here at mosquito blog....