Thursday, February 14, 2008

Watch Condoleeza Rice Spin her Lies to Congress

John McCain is set on continuing Bush and Cheney's policies. It is even rumored that McCain is considering Rice as his running mate. WOW...what a "dreamy" ticket for the Republicans.

If dreams really do come true Condi Rice may end up in a court of law for a war crimes trial in the near future.

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Tom said...

VIDEO: Condoleezza Rice: Liar, Secretary of State, War Criminal Part 1

Wexler asks Rice, isn't it true that you had intelligence that cast doubt on your repeated claims that Iraq did have WMD. It is worse than even how Wexler characterizes it. SEE PROOF, that the Bush Administration was committing fraud in order to fool the public into thinking Iraq had WMD. Spread the word. Send this link to others: