Monday, February 25, 2008

Senate Record Comparison: Obama vs. Clinton

Here is an excellent article comparing Senator Clinton and Senator Obama's past year in the Senate.

If you are a Clinton supporter prepare to be very disappointed....If you are an Obama supporter here's more proof that Obama is inspirational AND is able to get action even in our current U.S. Congress that has been stalemated for so long.

See for yourself.

Senator Clinton continues to play politics as usual and she appears willing to play word games and say anything to get elected. She claims to be fully vetted but refuses to release her income tax returnes...Obama released his. It makes it appear that once again the Clinton's have another financial scandal they don't want to deal with. Clinton loves to tout her Senate accomplishments and "diss" Obama's. Well, it appears to me after reading this article and then perusing the Congressional website that Obama's senate record better than Clinton's. Clinton is not inspiring...and she is not doing continues to hide from the people vital information about her finances.


Anonymous said...

Have you seen the picture of this artist with the Clinton-Obama Sticker
The rocker is a former political analyst and advertizer.

Mosquito said...

I haven't seen it....hmmmm....where is this pic?

Anonymous said...

on the band s website
It also went on several medias

Anonymous said...

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