Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Truth About Factory Farming and Beef Slaughterhouses

You are being screwed by the Beef Industry. They do not give a damn about anyone's health or safety. They only care about their bottom line. Do you think that an industry that routinely tortures animals has any love for the rest of God's creatures?

Watch this YouTube segment from Mike Adams, popularly known as the "Health Ranger" and see what I mean. This video is actually taken from a beef industry expose included in a documentary called All Jacked Up.

Here is what Mike has to say:

This exclusive clip from the movie All Jacked Up reveals the shocking truth about factory farming and beef slaughterhouses. Concerned about mad cow disease and "downer" cows? You should be. Cows are tortured and murdered to get their meat, and diseased cows who potentially have mad cow disease are routinely used in the human food supply.

Learn more by buying the DVD of the full film "All Jacked Up" at

Mike also has nothing but contempt for the USDA, which he strongly condemns for their failure to properly protect the public during the latest tainted beef crisis and its rather phoney, delayed recall. Read his article "USDA Refuses to Recall "Comingled" Meat That Contains Beef from Westland Plant Downer Cows" by clicking here.

Here is an excerpt:

Following the unprecedented recall of 143 million pounds of beef that was potentially contaminated with mad cow disease, the USDA has decided that it's okay for children and consumer to eat that beef as long as it is comingled with beef from other cows. This startling decision appeared in a USDA memo reported in the Wall Street Journal, which stated:

"If a processor or grinder has records demonstrating that products were produced using less than 100% of recalled Westland meat for the meat component, then there is no retrieve that 'commingled' product."

This statement from the USDA reveals that the agency believes the recalled beef is so dangerous that nobody should eat it, but it's safe enough to eat alongside beef from other cows. This is a curious -- if not downright laughable -- stance to take on public safety. If the meat is potentially contaminated with mad cow disease (which is the whole reason why it was recalled in the first place), then mixing mad cow disease-contaminated meat with non-contaminated meat does not reduce the potential danger of the "commingled" meat in any way whatsoever.

Mike's very informative, alternate health website, by the way, is


MB said...

Thank you for this post. The silence following the circumstances that led to the California beef recall - esp in the face of all the outcry about Vick and his dogs - is stunning.

Mosquito said...

Mad Cow USA is a great read with great research. It exposes the presence of Mad Cow in this country. I actually know of a Chesapeake resident who died from Mad Cow disease. He was a relative and yes there was an autopsy. But our FDA is not keeping track of mad cow in the usa...

Interestingly our hospitals now use disposable brain shunts so that folks won't be contaminated by the prions that can be spread from one person to another.

Mad Cow prions are not killed by cooking nor sterilization. It's really scarey stuff...but with our Congress being controlled by corporate lobbyists our FDQ is working more as an arm of promotion for the meat/food/pharmaceutical industries and is not regultating anything like they should.

Nice article Mac....

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Thanks for the post.

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Thanks for this.

For a Buddhist take on factory farming, see

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I completely agree with everything you have printed here.

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