Friday, February 15, 2008

Senator John Rockefeller Is The Telecommunications Senate Water Boy

Senator John Rockefeller, allegedly a Democratic Senator, is going to continue to promote the special interests of the telecommunications industry in spite of the fact that there are no constituents (or any repectable constituent groups) requesting retroactive immunity.

Quite the contrary....the people of America have vocalized loudly that they do not want ANYONE to receive retroactive immunity.

Interesting enough John Rockefeller is now a top recipient of telecommunication lobbyist money. So it should surprise no one that Sen Rockefeller is now carrying water for this special interest group. What separates Sen Rockefeller from any of those previous Republican chairs who have been lamblasted for selling out their positions for special interest money?

So let John Rockefeller know that you know he is now on the take. Let his office know what you think about this. Don't be surprised when his staff tell you that Rockefeller will continue to promote retroactive immunity and have no comments on his acceptance of large sums of telecommunications money or the fact that no constituents or constiutent groups are backing retroactive immunity. You may simply end up as one of our researchers did....getting music blasted into your ear. That surely sends a message of how important American citizens are to Senator Rockefeller and his staff.

Don't forget that Sen Harry Reid "enabled" Rockefeller's bill to reach the floor ahead of the judicial committee's bill which would NOT have granted retroactive immunity and know that Harry Reid is also on the take.

Lo and behold what's a voter to do when the Chair of he Senate Intelligence Committee and the Senate Majority Leader join the Bush/Cheney Cabal Cover up?? Hopefully, both will be stripped of their positions in the next Congress.

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