Friday, February 15, 2008

Congressional Cover Up

Sen Harry Reid and Sen John Rockefeller are the Dems leading the charge for the Bush Cheney cabal to grant retroactive immunity to cover-up the numerous examples of illegal wireless surveillance that will be exposed if the lawsuits are continued in court.

Unfortunately, Sen Jim Webb blinked and backed down...passing this ball of wax to Rep John Conyers, Rep Silvestre Reyes and Sen Patrick Leahy to do what they can to prevent this Senate version from being approved by the House. The utterly contemptible Sen John Rockefeller an alleged Democrat from West VA has joined forces with the Bush/Cheney faction to continue to get this legislation rammed through Congress. How much is Sen John Rockefeller operating due to receiving LOTS of telecommunications money and how much is this Sen Rockefeller protecting himself from future liability? Has to make one wonder if Sen John Rockefeller and/or Sen Harry Reid were in on the illegal wireless surveillance program long before other congressional Dems even knew it was occurring?

Hopefully the lawsuits will result in valuable information coming out into the public forum.


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