Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Taxi on the Dark Side

The Oscar award winning documentary--Taxi on the Dark Side--is well researched and a must-see film that every American citizen should see. Co-producer Eva Orner has accurately described the US government as comprised of a bunch of war criminals. According to Orner, "The current administration are a bunch of war criminals and they need to be stopped. People need to know what's going on.'' Orner states that she does not blame the low ranking US soldiers who participated in the torture. Unfortunately, in the American justice system only low ranking soldiers have been tried and imprisoned for the torture done at one prison--Abu Graib. Orner stated, " Obviously, everyone's responsible for their own actions, but you put people in bad situations who are ill-equipped, not trained, under enormous pressure and getting orders from above to do bad things. I don't really believe it is terribly much their fault, it comes from much higher sources."

Writer-Director Alex Gibney said, "This is dedicated to two people who are no longer with us - Dilawar, the young Afghan taxi driver, and my father, a navy interrogator, who urged me to make this film because of his fury at what was being done to the rule of law," when he accepted the Oscar.

Hopefully, in the near future, we can get an Attorney General to run the Justice Department so that no one, no matter how important, is above the law.

Here's the film's website. This film will probably be coming to our area soon so keep an eye out on the Naro Cinema schedule.

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