Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The White House Erection for Iran

Aijaz Ahmad, Senior News Analyst for the Real News Network, interprets what International Atomic Energy Agency Mr. ElBaradei is now reporting about Iran's nuclear program, a picture far different from the skewed fear-mongering propaganda that the White House and Israel continue to pump out against Iran. The White House right now is trying to bribe and bully the Security Council into implementing yet another round of sanctions against Iran, despite the fact that ElBaradei's latest report is rather favorable to Iran.

It is very clear that the Neocon movement internationally, in the United States, Great Britain, now France as well with Nicolas Sarkozy in power, and of course in Israel, are obsessed with destroying an independent Iran and reinstalling a Western puppet government. That is high on their agenda, so the last thing they are going to listen to is anything positive said about Iran. Instead, Iran is the object of daily demonization, depicted as a cross between the Third Reich and the old Soviet Union, a threat to the entire world, and one whose imaginery nuclear missiles must be defended against by a missile shield that extends to the borders of Russia.

Of course the Russians are not amused, for they look at this planned missile shield as transparent hostility against them as well, so against this growing great power conflict, it is doubtful that Russia or China, both of whom continue to increase their business ties to Iran daily, will go along with any serious new sanctions. They may vote for some listless decree after Washington has made a backroom deal, but it is doubtful that severe sanctions can be implemented, which would be a further step toward war, the ultimate obscenity.

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