Friday, March 28, 2008

Anti-Immigration=Higher Food Prices

You may want to grow your own tomatoes this summer.....peaches, oranges, lemons......etc. etc... The largest tomato grower in Pennsylvania is shutting down his operations due to inability to find the farm laborers to harvest his tomatoes. Ekel's farm supplied tomatoes to grocery stores and restaurants across the east coast.

I remember the last time we allowed the folks who wee here illegally to be given amnesty and allowed to become citizens. It didn't affect our pocketbooks and our economy grew.....there were no economic hardships due to the last amnesty. I think folks are creating more economic problems with their xenophobia.


Howling Latina said...

¡Estúpido Gringos!

Mosquito said...

Si Si HL

buzz buzz

Channoa said...

Produce is expensive enough already! Although it is nice to grow your own tomatoes, it would be nicer to know you can afford going to the store and just buying them.