Sunday, March 09, 2008

Politicians Promoting FEAR

John McCain is out of loop. He just doesn't get it. He isn't listening to the American People, the ones John likes to call "my friends." Americans are sick of war. We don't want an "in your face fighter (I include Hillary Clinton...she and John are too quick to start a fight.)

Americans want a President who will negotiate, truly negotiate and utilize our armed forces as a Last resort. This is one of the reasons that we continue to remember John F. Kennedy. Who was tragically assasinated after announcing that he wanted to steer America on a new course of world peace and top the "imperialism."

Neither Clinton nor McCain will be able to provide us a Presidency that is even tempered and willing to negotiate first and use our military only if it is absolutely necessary.

We currently have the "fighter" mentality with the Chickenhawks roosting in our White House. We need to re-assure the world that the American people are not supporting America continuing to dictate to the world and willing to rush in and fight at the slightest provocation. I can just imagine my friends in other countries seeing this ad. It would be very scarey.

Aren't enough Americans sick of the politicians who promote Fear?

I prefer to embrace a future of Hope......and Change....


Brian Kirwin said...

After we pay the taxes for all that "hope" all we'll have left in our pockets is "change"

Cargosquid said...

I think that its you that don't get it. The muslim terrorists don't want to negotiate. They want you dead. As per their own writings.

How much negotiation do you need once war has started? Iranian forces are already killing our troops. And they threaten nuclear war.

Negotiate first? We spent years negotiating with Saddam? Is there anyone else you have in mind? Iran? All we are doing is negotiating. North Korea - same thing.

Negotiating from a position of weakness is not the thing to do.

Hope and Change are all very good, unless of course that the Change is worse than the status quo.

Mac said...

Cargosquid, how long have you had these dark fantasies? "The Muslim terrorists" who want to kill us all, what a comicbook stereotype, of mad-dogs who want to destroy America to the last man. That's BS. Even bin Laden, in the writings I have read that are at least reasonably-well enough vetted that we can tacitly accept that he wrote them, and not some troll in the bowels of a CIA station, differentiated between the American government and the American people. I might add that the statements coming out of these videos and audios since January 2002, purported to be by him may very well be frauds. I have strong evidence that bin Laden died in December 2001.

The worst of this is that these cliches, like those about the Jews, easily segue into attacks on an entire race or people. Right now America is rabid with racism and bigotry against Arabs and Moslems in general, and I am privy to right-wing list-serves that openly discuss wiping out Moslems and Islam wholesale. Do you want to go there?

Iran has never threatened nuclear war. This is more Right-wing propaganda, which, if you don't know already, is cranked wide-open. The White House has been trying to depict Iran as some kind of cross between the Soviet Empire and Nazi Germany.

Iran has no nukes and there is no legitimate proof that they are working on nuclear weapons, only charges by Israel and the White House, sworn enemies of Iran. Both governemnts are expert propagandists. Iran is practically surrounded by pro-American froces, the US Navy on the South, Nato forces to the East in Afghanistan, American forces to the West in Iraq, also Turkey, a Nato country to the West, Pakistan, an pro-American state to the East.

To the North and Northeast lie Russia and Russian allies.

Do you think that Iran, which has never invaded anyone ever, unless you identify them with the Persian Empire 2500 hundred years ago, is going to invade any of these countries?

As for charges of Iran blanketly killing Americans, consider the source, the Pentagon and White House, the same people that suckered us into Iraq in the first place with all kinds of phoney "evidence" about WMDs and al Qaeda connections.

At best there is apparently some proof that Iran has been helping Shiite militias in Iraq. Guess what? The Shiite militias are in a civil war against the Sunnis and are actively seeking aid from fellow Shiites. The Shiites rarely have attacked Americans since 2004. The groups that routinely attack Americans are largely Sunni. Shiite Iran would not give weaponry to Sunnis who would just as soon use this stuff against Shiites.

If Iran wanted to make life miserable for the Americans, they could introduce, in quantity, weapons that would really do damage, advanced anti-tank weapons, surface-to-air missiles that can knock down helos and planes, etc, etc.

Mosquito said...

Thanks Max...You've saved me some extra work on this

Some folks have such a dark view of the world...have they been drinking the White House Kool Aid?

They go crazy about immigration and the possibility of amnest...I can't for the life of wonder what the uproar is about. The last time America gave lots of Hispanics amnesty nothing horrible happened....our economy flourished .

Why does there have to be a big bad bogeyman so that folks aren't supposed to be hopeful and work for a bright future full of freedom for everyone? The alternative is that before long we will be asking the gov. for permission to travel anywhere.

Taxes...that's right...Barama is a man of the people and for the vast majority of us we will get relief if anything....It's that upper 1 or percent and the corporations who are making immense profits off of us that are in for being asked to pay their fair share.

At least the Dems won't destroy the United States by bankrupting her and giving the rich an open door to our treasury to loot our hard earned tax dollars....

Mosquito said...

Oh my....I'm sipping a cup of hot tea and realizing I let that last post go through a bit too quickly...Barama...LOL....

Cargosquid...I don't mean to insult you but I'm so tired of folks not seeing how deadly the internal enemies are....Bush and Cheney have done more damage to our country by attacking our civil liberties and our constitution than any muslim terrorist has.

If only the Dems will hold firm and that telecommunications trial can take place. How are folks that "believe" what Bush tells them going to feel when they find out that Bush and Cheney began their illegal surveillance on Americans BEFORE 9/11 ever happaned. They are just using 9/11 so they can continue to scoop up info on anyone who opposes them....defense lawyers, democrats, etc. Heck if you can pick up some dirt you can effectively silence the opposition and run the country like you are a king.

Sorry...but the doom and gloom is IN the White HOuse. Those of us who are fighting the doom and gloom are trying to be clear about where the real threats are coming from.....and still finding hope, beauty, and joy in the folks we meet and play with.

Well, it has been a tiring day....I need to move

Mosquito said...

Well Well...H/T to Brian Kirwin and Cargosquid....I was successfully taken off topic...I will also attribute part of the responsibility to one marguerita too many that I had when I went to Star's....

BUT....I guess I hit a nerve (esp. with Brian b/c he did not address the topic of the post and instead steered it to taxes.....neither poster checked in on the idea that having a president who would negotiate first and only go to war as a last resort maybe the best thing for our country in so many ways.

I'll be spending the next few days moving my office...I know Star has some stuff planned too but I'm hoping she'll be able to post something up soon. She and I talked about this and have decided that one of us (whoever gets to it first) will do a post about taxes. It's a topic that definitely needs to be discussed.