Sunday, March 09, 2008


Hillary thinks attacking Barack Obama with the kitchen sink (rumors, myths, and lies) is "the fun part of my campaign."

SHAME ON YOU have fun dividing us? But then that keeps the power with the rich and powerful (You and Bill are enjoying joining their ranks aren't you?) and your special interests lobbying elitists. AIPAC said that they own Hillary Clinton.

SHAME ON THE DEMOCRATS sitting on the sidelines and not speaking out with the truth to counter Hillary's many lies. Quite frankly, I don't know if their is a silent Democrat worth being Obama's Vice President at this point.

I used to think well of John Edwards. But his silence is sad and it won't be long before he's off my list of okay dems.

Barack Obama is the people's choice and he's currently the front runner in spite of media reports and the Democrats deafening silence on this matter. I say to Obama. Don't let them strong arm you into accepting Hillary as your Vice President...she will undermine any substantial change you attempt. IF the Dems won't give you your due then I say that you have the people behind you and the power to run as our independent candidate and you can take out McCain and Hillary with an easy 35-40 percent of the vote. So let Hillary threaten the Dems with a divided Conference. Just stand up now and let the DNC know that if they try to force you out you have a viable alternative--you will run as an independent. (You'd have to do that now so if you have to run as an independent your stalwart volunteers can get you on the ballot of each state. We already know money isn't a problem...Then maybe you could get a great VP....someone like Cynthia McKinney....let MoveON run some Will.I.Am adds on TV and then you could really make history....The first Independent President of the U.S. WOW!!


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