Saturday, March 15, 2008

Net Neutrality Bill Needs You NOW

Maybe we can get the Net Neutrality bill pushed through this year and then we can all relax and enjoy OUR internet free from the elites trying to control "it" and "us"..... and that means ALL OF US from the left to the right of the political spectrum.


blewsdawg said...

My response

Mosquito said...


I want the power to visit the sites I want to see and not having a corporation determine what content I'm allowed to view or not. The only "problem" with not restricting content is the possible exposure to children of sites with sex or violence.

Thank heavens we have tools at our disposal to remedy this. We have the power to "protect" our children on the internet with great programs to restirct what they
see.Better yet, many parents take their job seriously and monitor their children's viewing of the internet.

However, Free adults should have the choice to view the content they wish to view.. (I do put a restriction as does our gove on child pornography.)

I believe that ISP's have the rite to charge me more if I wan a FASTER service...but they don't have a right to tell me how much I can be on the internet or what I can view.....The internet was not CREATED by the corporation....It has become the town square and the marketplace for millions (if not billions)....IT is not the property of corporations. They are making a decent profit by providing the means for us to get onto the internet and that is all they should be able to do.

The internet is the creative place it is b/c all websites are equal and it needs to stay that way.This has given birth to bloggers, provided new forums for musicians, inventors, and entrepreneurs. Long Live our Net....