Thursday, March 27, 2008

One Voice

I've got news for Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, James Carville, and all the corporate controlled status quo power players in our government and our media.....We are sick of your joy of dividing us, smearing others, and fighting for the joy of it.

We need a President who doesn't "enjoy" fighting. We have had enough of the war mentality. We have had enough of the dirty Rove style of campaigning....we have had enough of the win at all costs mentality....It is bankrupting us economically and morally.

We are the deciders now. We are choosing to turn our back on your old destructive ways of doing things. The time for positive change is now.


Howling Latina said...

Hmmm, "We are sick of your joy of dividing us, smearing others, and fighting for the joy of it."

Even Sen. Russ Feingold admits it's mostly Obama supporters.

Mosquito said...

HL....Trust me there's no joy in trying to counter the corporate media. Fighting for the joy of it??? How did you reach that conclusion. I hope you have something to back up such an outlandish, and divisive statement HL.

I believe there is a need to hold Hillary Clinton accountable. Some folks say Hillary is being extreme so she can make Obama lose his cool (she's failing with Obama...but she sure keeps "pissing" me off). The Rovian tactics that she is using are the opposite of everything the feminist philosophy has taught me. There's nothing feminist about Hillary in this campaign. Sadly, I would not have made such a statement about Hillary before this campaign. But her behavior during this campaign has convinced me that she is not a feminist as I understand feminism.

For the life of me, it looks like Hillary believes that she's "entitled" to be our next president and that it's "her turn." (Which is in sync with that scarey religion she adheres to.) Her campaign of win at any cost appears to be the result of beliefs of entitlement, of being "annointed."

It appears as if nothing will prevent Hillary from trying to make her dreams to be the first woman president come true. So "if Hillary can't be the next president then let's make sure John McCain wins so I can run in 2012." The hell with the people in the U.S. who don't want another four years of Bush/Cheney policies. How dare those people who prefer Obama over her.

I don't know how else to explain Hillary campaigning against Obama and at the same time campaigning for John McCain...and unprecedented primary strategy. (It appears to even outdo Karl Rove's extreme tactics.)

How can I respect Hillary when she's so "politically expedient?" She was not worried about the Michigan and Fla delegates when she signed the DNC agreement....but now that Hillary "needs" those delegates she will say that "she" is fighting for "their rights" to be seated when it's obvious to me she is doing what she can by any means possible to cut into Obama's lead.

IF a primary had been held in those states Hillary would not have won with any great margin....Heck Pennsylvania is the state "made to order" for Hillary Clinton. She began with a 20 pt lead...and in a few short weeks of folks getting to know Obama her lead is now down to about 12%. Who knows what it will be in a few more weeks. I won't be surprised toos see another scandal get released into corporate media...and in my opinion it won't be a Clinton scandal...something to slow Obama down.

There is a need for the blogosphere to hold Hillary accountable and acknowledge the dirty tricks she is employing. The corporate media isn't going to do it. Hillary isn't playing by the rules nor is she sticking by the issues b/c it's clear that the people prefer Obama over her. Hillary just won't accept this.

If you are upset about "dividers" why in the world are you supporting Hillary Clinton? Her campaign is resorting to the tried and true dirty trick of divide and conquer. She has employed racist and sexist tactics. She has used lies to smear Obama (and lost a well known feminist supporter when she did so.)

So I am doing what I can to hold Hillary Clinton accountable for "HER" actions and behaviors. That is NOT a smear campaign. I have posted topics about what Hillary has done and is verifiable and my opinion about what she's doing.

I"m not at war with Hillary "supporters" just sick of the media not covering naftagate, Hillary's scarey religious ties, or the outright lies and dirty tricks she is using in her effort to win at any cost. If the "guilt by association" test is going to be used on Obama, (A test that no one can pass btw) why isn't this same test applied to Hillary Clinton and John McCain?

If her actions smear her...she's the one who should bear the consequences. I have not attacked Hillary b/c she's a woman, etc....I don't believe in that. But I do believe she has not been vetted and I have called her out on this time whenever I can. Has anyone seen her tax returns...the Clinton's have a history of financial scandal...or do some ardent Hillary supporters prefer to wait until September for all this information to "hit the fan?"

I used to wonder how some folks could get so fixed in their position that their person could do no wrong. And the more their person was exposed the more "loyal" they became. Kind of like what I have observed happen with abused children and their "protectiveness" of their parents. It's what some of us expect from a small minority in our population that remain strong pro Bush/Cheney supporters.

It's been an eye opener to see this occurring in the women's community...especially among some very intelligent women that I admire. Even more shocking is many of these women are feminists and they have to understand on an intellectual level that Hillary often displays non-feminist actions. I have observed a number of feminists leave Hillary's camp when she started to twist the rules and adopt her win at any cost campaign.

It's like Hillary can do no wrong and let's get mad as hell at ANYONE (even other women) who will try to speak their truth about Hillary.

So for you to accuse "me of smearing Hillary" is outlandish. Yes I'm energized and passionate but I have not attacked Hillary in a sexist or dishonest way...I have written about Hillary's actions and behaviors and given my opinion about them. I'm not lying or twisting any rules....and I'm not trying to "divide" folks.

Quite frankly one of the MAIN reasons I am furious with Hillary Clinton is that's the major tactic she is using in order to try to win this election. I am attracted to Obama b/c I'm hopeful that he may be able to unify this nation.

I don't recall leaving any comments on Hillary supporters blogs accusing them being engaged in "smear" campaigns and enjoying fighting and dividing others....this is a divisive tactic and I've only observed Hillary Clinton utilizing such a tactic.


Star Womanspirit said...

I couldn't have said it better....thanks mosquito....