Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hillary is NOT a change agent

According to Rick Spilman:

Her [Hillary Clinton's] latest reference to RFK's assassination is just another reminder of the self-involved perspective-free bubble which
seems to typify her campaign. Her inability or unwillingness to face reality and her absolute relentlessness to push on to victory, consequences be damned, disqualifies her as a worthy candidate for the presidency. Hillary Clinton simply lacks the judgment and perspective to be a good president. Toughness and relentlessness is not enough. We
have eight years of tough and relentless. What we need now is vision and a willingness to change.

The entire article is here.

I am "cheating" on my sabbatical "too." But it's an easy cheat...I really agreed with Spillman.


unionman said...'s nice to see your post anyway "cheater".

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