Tuesday, June 03, 2008


If you aren't alarmed by Blackwater, you should be. They have already been deployed within America, to wit, in New Orleans during Katrina. Hundreds of them were sent there by Erik Prince before a contract was even formally signed. By their own account, they killed American citizens in the Lower Ninth Ward, "black gang-bangers" one of them bragged to Jeremy Scahill, whose voice you will hear on this video.

But the worst of it is that there are stories and rumors that they killed a lot more Blacks than a few "gang-bangers". How many? A couple of dozen, a couple of hundred, a couple of thousand? This is what independent journalists are trying to find out.

Blackwater is growing like a cancer globally. They are the most psychotic expression yet of privatization, militarism and an alienated, machine culture enraptured with war and death. Some day they may be patrolling your neighborhood, looking for "Hajis" to gun down, maybe getting a little paranoid and blowing away a car or two full of women and children, like they did last September 16 in Baghdad's Nusoor Square. Imagine that happening to your family and you might begin to understand why there is a vast resistance movement in Iraq.


J. Tyler Ballance said...

Jeremy Scahill is trying to sell his book, Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army.

I read this crappy book. It is the typically alarmist blather from the anti-military, global warming tree-hugger types.

Anyone who is concerned with our, out of control government should, in spite of Scahill's poorly assembled, heavily biased rant against Blackwater, pay heed to the underlying issue of how such an organization has been funded by the U.S. Government and why.

Our Pentagon needs to cut ninety percent of the Generals and Admirals, then transfer that authority and responsibility lower in the chain of command. We need a military with just a few chiefs and more high tech indians to fight the next battles. None of our men should ever be deployed in an undeclared war, ever again.

War is too convenient when it can be waged "off the books" using mercenaries and without the oversight of Congress.

We mustn't make the waging of war too easy. Our leaders have already grown to like war too much.

Mac said...

I haven't read Scahill's entire book, rather just segments but I think it has generally been well-received in most quarters, with some criticism. He certainly is in command of the facts on Blackwater as well or better than anyone I know. Whether you like Scahill's book or not, at least you realize we have a big problem here.

Anonymous said...

We definitely have a big problem...the United States of America has beomce the biggest military terrorist in the world and s operating to globalize the world for multinational corporations....

Will we be able to have our taxes start paying for things that benefit the people of America anytime soon? Or will we continue to finance the corporations planned takeover of the world where all people will become enslaved to the corporate system?

That's the big issue for this century.