Friday, June 20, 2008


This morning you can step up to the plate and do your part to protect our "American" system of government. Contact your House Representative/ Let them know that you expect them to honor their oath and protect the constitution and the rule of law in America. They should vote against the telecommunication immunity.

The telecommunication corporate lobbyists have obviously managed to buy off both Republicans and Democrats. There is nothing in the concept of telecommunication immunity from illegal wiretaps that is in the public interest. American citizens have NOT been contacting Congress to circumvent the rule of law. ONLY Corporate fatcats and their lobbyists have the audacious gall to request the right to live outside the rule of law.

I have emailed my house representative and both Senators. I will follow up with a phone call to my house representative.

I even took the time to contact my Republican Senator John Warner. I am hoping that just once before he retires he will place a crucial vote that I agree with. Best case scenario....the house will kill this vote today and my email to the Senators will not be necessary.

But since Senator Warner is retiring...I will enclose what is probably my last email to him....just for fun.

I worked in the medical field and I follow the maxim to "Do no harm." I am requesting that you "do no harm" and vote to protect the rights of your constituents.

Never in the history of my country do I recall an American citizen (the kind that walks on two legs and depends on air and water for daily survival) asking their Senator or Representative to rewrite a law granting them immunity from a crime they have committed and from future crimes they may commit. Can you imagine?

The American people believe in accountability and a rule of law. I am writing to request that you honor your oath of office and protect our constitution and the checks and balances this document has placed into our government system that have served us so well since the birth of this nation.

I believe that the telecommunications corporations knowingly broke the law when the notorious Bush administration asked them to. Qwest Communications REFUSED the request by the White House and so they are not going to court on this matter. The other telecommunications corporations should have done the right thing.

But the corporations say they are innocent. Then the courts should be allowed to do their job. (I seriously doubt that these corporations believe they are innocent with the money they are spending to lobby Congress to write a law making them immune from prosecution.)

IF Congress grants immunity to the corporations and circumvents the rule of law in America it will be a dark day that will be indelibly stamped in history.

I pray you will do the right thing before you retire Senator Warner. The concept of immunizing the telecommunications industry is "un-American" to the highest degree....there is NOTHING in this concept that is in the public's interest and it is NOT the public that coneintues to pressure Congress to pass this bill.

Protect the constitution and the rule of law in America. Vote against the telecommunication immunity.

Star Womanspirit

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