Friday, June 20, 2008

Bush's Rubber Stamp in Virginia Beach

Thelma Drake is so predictable. Once again she is going to vote against the constitution she swore to protect and she will vote to shred the checks and balances our founders set up.

Thelma Drake SUPPORTS immunity for the telecommunications corporations who "allegedly" agreed to break the law and illegally wiretap Americans.

The telecom immunity will prevent Americans from having their rightful day in court. It prevents our judicial system from doing their job.

The corporate lobbyists and republican right wing extremists will say that the corporations are "patriotic" and are innocent.

These so-called "patriotic" corporations stopped the surveillance when the Bush administration got behind on their payments for this service. So much for the patriotism argument.

Innocent? I believe they are guilty. I believe they KNEW they were breaking the law. IF the telecommunication corporations are so "innocent" why are they spending so much money to lobby Congress for immunity?

The telecommunications immunity does not serve the public's interests. It serves the interests of corporations and Bush and Cheney. It enables Bush and Cheney to escape accountability.

Thelma Drake has consistently voted AGAINST holding the Bush administration accountable.
Thelma Drake continues to exhibit an inability to change course...Hopefully the people of Virginia Beach will vote their interests this election and oust Thelma Drake from the House.


Dave Mastio said...

You guys are so mean.

Mosquito said...


Please point out what is "mean" in this post?

I find it "hysterical" that an alleged Republican is calling this post mean...Isn't it your party that endorse torture?

Talk about mean....