Sunday, July 06, 2008

Ain't Michelle Obama a Woman Too?

Remember Sojourner Truth's famous quote--Ain't I a Woman?

Where is the outrage?

Is it only received for "elite white women running for President?"

Believe it or not Hillary is NOT the only woman affected by sexism. ALL women are affected by it. That's where our focus should be--protecting ALL women from sexism not just a chosen few.

Misogyny is misogyny is misogyny.
Sexism is sexism is sexism.

Think about it all of us should be outraged whenever the media uses it's power to spread sexism, racism, or any other "ism."


Zee said...

So what's your POINT?

Has anyone said that Michelle should be taken out behind the barn and "taken care of?" Has anyone said someone should take Michelle into a room and only HE come out? Has a group called C.itizens U.nited N.ot T.imid been formed to call Michelle the C-word? Has a shirt been made like "bros before hos" to call Michelle a ho? Has anyone in the Clinton or McCain camp called Michelle a FUCKING WHORE the way Obama-mouthpiece Randi Rhodes did? Did McCain imply Michelle was a BITCH the way Obama did when he played the song "99 problems and not one of them a BITCH" --- AND, has this blog been following the rampant sexism against Senator Clinton?

I know one thing: BUZZFLASH, which linked to this piece of NOTHING that outlines NO examples of sexism against Michelle has NOT been following and decrying the sexism against Sen. Clinton, which makes Mark Karlin a PIG, a deliberate SEXIST PIG.

And to think the fauxgressives on the blogosphere think they're part of some REALITY-based community.

If you have a POINT, make it.

I have been decrying sexist attacks on Michelle, but the worst I've seen is people making fun of her clothes. So I came here to see what else has been happening to her and find exactly what you'd expect from the likes of a BUZZFLASH link. Pathetic lip service with no SUBSTANCE.

YOU do a disservice to MICHELLE and ALL WOMEN with this bullshit nothing. Write up the facts, if you HAVE ANY.

Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton did a 360 around her choice of words to describe why she did not win the nomination. She simply lost because of poor management, poor delivery of issues, and last but not least, HRC has the sense of "entitlement" as Bill Richardson characterized the facts of the Clintons.HRC portrayed herself not as a woman-candidate first, but as a spouse-candidate of a former president, whom to this day, continues to use her as his dust cloth. For most women who see sexism in the media, it is perhaps the greatest misnomer ever. One would have to question a man's role in the media more than a woman. In other words, reading the news is like baking cookies and one might question is this a job for a real man.

Anonymous said...

I thought that someone forgot to post the article.

A friend of mine stated, who do I vote for? can't vote for a woman, and certainly can't vote for a black man.

sexism, racism, its all bad, no matter how you package it.

Anonymous said...

right on Zee!!

Star Womanspirit said...

I see that we have lots of cowardly "anonymous" comments on this...except for "Zee."

Zee I'll give you one recent example...the "Obama's Baby Mama," a comment that is both sexist and racist.

I want to remind everyone that real feminists are outraged not just at sexism but also racism, age-ism, homophobia....

Unfortunately we "ain't seen nothing yet." It is rumored that McCain's campaign is really going to exploit racism and homophobia....they have to do this b/c McCain himself can't be sold to the public as a viable candidate.

Anonymous said...

Emily's Group Sent Out Emails About Media Sexism for Hillary Clinton

Everyone should contact the media to protest about all the non-issues used for headlines that have the potential to influence the election

When the media surveys or has headlines about who is the most liked potential first lady, they are only concerned with headlines for their profit. It is insensitive and degrading to everyone involved.

The current potential first ladies have very different personalities. Michelle has the personality needed to be an attorney. It is similar to Hillary Clinton's strong personality needed to survive in a male dominated field. Their personality is also the one that is often referred to as a "bitch", although it is the typical personality that is considered essential for a men .

A white hairdresser told me a story about a hair styling contest that included African-Americans. The hairdressers were taught how to style the African-American hair for the "white eye" of the judges.

Of course, Cindy McCain is pleasing to the "white eye."

Rachel Maddow & Joe Scarborough Butt Heads on Obama's Iraq

Gee, Rachel, for an Obama supporter, you sure have the Hillary cackle down

Laura Bush has a great personality. She even defended the attacks against Michelle. Laura's personality does not matter because her husband is one of the worse Presidents we have ever had.

lorelei23 said...

I noticed that when HRC was being attacked as a woman, Michelle had nothing to say.

Now, you may say that as the wife of Hillary's opponent she should just have shut up. But then the premise of the article is moot, then, isn't it?

Either we defend each other whenever, or or don't expect help when you're attacked.

Star Womanspirit said...

Lorelei...I so agree with you about the need for us to defend each other.

That's why I believe all the "isms" should be defended against.

pamtxstate said...

Zee -- I agree that some hideous things were said about Hillary Clinton. I do have trouble though when you say that Randy Rhodes was an "Obama mouthpiece." Anyone who has listened to Randy Rhodes knows she has a crude mouth and that she speaks for herself. Isn't it sexism not to allow a strong woman like Randy to take responsibility for her own words? She is not some little woman who repeated what she was told to say. There are just as many Hillary supporters who have said disgustingly racist statements but I don't ascribe them to Hillary or think that she has to reject each and every one. So you can be angry if you want but it is ridiculous to be angry at Obama. He has never said anything even remotely sexist about Hillary Clinton.

Anonymous said...

maybe you should have referred to Bill OLIElly and the lynching party remark he made. or Fux with the Obama's Baby Mama caption. or the Hillary cleavage or pants remarks.

Of course, we can all look up the references to support your point. was that your point?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
7/06/2008 4:46 PM

that was as ignorant as anything I've read on any blog and full of lies. but I give you credit. you spared no one your ignorance. Now that's what I call using a broad brush.

Anonymous said...

Two weeks ago I said the same thing. But truth us, we reap what we sow. The silence from folks who failed to criticize when the target was HRC is coming back to haunt them now.

Anonymous said...

where was michelle obama when hillary was being attacked, mostly by so called left wing liberals like k.olberman, where was buzz flash, where was the dnc, where was the daily kos, I'LL tell where they were,they were in the front row leading the cheers of sexism.

Anonymous said...

I agree completely with Zee.

Where was Michelle Obama when HRC was being trashed by the disgusting pigs who work for MSNBC?
In fact, when asked on The View, if she thought there had been sexism against HRC during the campaign, she had to think about it before answering. She said there was also racism, as if that excused the sexism.

As for Buzzflash and it's ilk, they can all suck it. They led the trashing of HRC. In fact, it didn't begin until Barack Obama was getting his *ss kicked by HRC in the first debate. After he made that comment, "You're okay", the sexism rose to unprecedented levels.

As a woman who has had this type of behavior used against me my entire career, what happened to HRC is unforgiveable. As far as I am concerned, I don't care if the Democrats win in November. They certainly won't if they are counting on my vote.

Star Womanspirit said...

It's nice that folks are actually having a dialogue that involves racism and sexism...and not just here...Vivian checked in and I went to her blog...We often read Vivian's blog regularly but on our sabbatical we have eased up on being on the net and reading the kudos to Vivian for also addressing this issue.

I posted this b/c as a feminist I believe that feminism encompasses much more than simply supporting one woman and it appeared to me that "some" of Hillary's followers were guilty of this. (I have also delayed posting anything on this b/c most folks know my stance so I wanted to see if others would also speak out...and some have. I must admit that I am NOT surprised that Vivian spoke out on this; it's something I expect from Vivian Paige from being a long term reader of her blog.

I NEVER "expected" that Michelle Obama (who is not running for office) would speak out in Hillary's defense in the same way I NEVER "expected" Bill Clinton to do this. My expectations were that the candidates running for office and the American people who have been speaking up would all speak out against the --isms.

I did err simply by neglecting to mention that it is incumbent upon ALL of us, women, men, of all classes, races, etc etc who believe in equality to speak up when an --ism surfaces...women should not be expected to be the sole defenders of women affected by the same way that people of color should not be "expected" to speak out when racism erupts.

My post was simply to bring up the fact that the "Ain't I a Woman phenomenon" has been occurring and we should all be aware of it. Sexism is about ALL women not just one. I did not intend to give examples of the numerous offenses going out on the media airwaves. I assume that my readers are well aware when an -ism occurs around them.

So there you have it.

Cat said...

I agree with the person who said that that the silence from people when the target was Hillary, is coming home to roost now. And it can be quite annoying after listening to holier-than-thou speechifying about how there was no, or little, blatant sexism during the primary, to now hear the whining about this completely predicatable turn of events.

And I totally get the anger at outlets like Buzzflash, who were so full of it during the primary, but never more than when Karlin actually had the gall to post his list of "feminist values", which was nothing more than a list of HIS values, few of which had anything to do with feminist. I guess I have seen it all now that I have gotten to see a man lay down the law to feminists. "you will believe this, or you are not a feminist".

However, we are where we are right now. I hope that the women involved in this, can let their anger go. None of this was Hillary's fault, and none of it was or is Michele's fault.

Do we want to get into a tit-for-tat pissing contest, or do we want to reconcile and work to put sexism out of business? I am letting my anger go, and I will be a loud advocate for Michele Obama and I will scream as loudly as I did when Hillary was the target.

Star Womanspirit said...

Cat...Ditto....Now if we can only get a news media in this country that plays fair we would all be so ahead of the game.

:) Star