Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Commander in Chief Test

I didn't think it was possible that the Republicans would choose a candidate who makes George Bush look intelligent and who is willing to campaign in the dirty Rove style--the do anything approach to obtain the Presidency.

It's amazing that the Lamestream Corporate Press ignores McCain's amazingly numerous stupid statements and his record of corruption and incompetence. (i.e. the Keating Five and crashing 4 airplanes during his military career....his last crash landed him in the Hanoi Hilton.)

Thank heavens for YOU Tube so that McCain's numerous lies and flip flops are documented.

The BIG question is....why isn't the news media reporting on the issues of importance and the Candidates positions on these issues to the American people? Instead this presidential election is being covered like it's just one big game show and the "weirdest, wildest, most unbalanced" contestant gets handled with kid gloves for ratings and profits.

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