Thursday, July 10, 2008

McCain Needs To Be Vetted

John McCain is using his wife's jet airplane....yet his wife Cindy refused to release her tax returns. She made millions off of "insider short-sale profits involving Swiss re-insurance put option stock orders placed prior to the September 11 attacks-profits of death which have remained untaxed by the U.S. government and raise questions as to her 9/11 tip-off."

This alone is disturbing....heap onto this possible off shore accounts (to avoid taxes?) and allegations of "war profiteering" and it starts to make sense why Cindy McCain REFUSES to release her tax returns. Tax returns that contain valid information for anyone "considering" voting for John McCain for president....even though they maybe few and far between hopefully these folks care enough about their vote that they will demand to see these tax returns so they will have the info they need to vote intelligently.

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