Thursday, July 10, 2008

"Thinskinned" McCain needs to know...

when you run for President you are going to be asked questions. Unfortunately, McCain screams "foul" when legitimate questions are asked or legitimate points raised. McCain is using his military service to "say" this is a reason he should be President.

Now George McGovern has joined the fray.
We both agree with Wesley Clark. Flying combat missions, being a courageous war hero, doing your duty as a military person, and/or being a POW does NOT utilize the skills and knowledge that a President needs. McGovern flew numerous bombing missions in Europe and he did not "rely on this or promote this" in his run for the presidency. (I would also add that graduating 894 out of a class of 899 at Annapolis is just another reason folks should question you ALOT about your presidential qualifications.)

Note: No one is "disparaging" McCain's military service. We just want him to tell us "how" this military service qualifies him to become the next President of the USA...a question that McCain has NOT answered. Instead his people (who McCain obviously can NOT control IF he is NOT behind the swiftboat attacks) will go on point to attack the questioner....This is entitlement politics at its worse.

If McCain wanted to be President so bad maybe he should know what skills a U.S. President needs BEFORE he decided to run. He should at least realize that when someone runs for office folks SHOULD be asking questions.

For McCain to say that ALL the vets organizations are for him, then to say that is NOT true (later in the same town hall meeting) and then declare that he will no longer tolerate questions about vets? This surely does not sound like anyone that I know with the skills necessary to be President.

Oh yeah and then there was that McLAME (h/t to the Daily Show) "joke" that is NOT a joke--about U.S. cigarette exports being a way to "kill" Iranians. It sounds like McCain has never met an Iranian he can treat like a human being. His foreign policy seems to be America is always right, always good and all the other countries should bow down before us...or we will kill you.

McCain himself has stated that the economy is not his strong suit (no joke!), denied he made the statement and then said it was "taken out of context" (it wasn't). This man is lying and/or flip flopping on the issues often, maybe daily.

How can anyone take this man's run for the White House seriously? Why does the media treat this candidate with kid gloves? Are they scared he will hit them if they ask him the questions that need to be asked?


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