Friday, September 26, 2008

Republican Senator John McCain Strikes Again

When Congress is working hard to create a bill to resolve a controversial issue, the last Senator they want "to parachute in" to rescue the day is Republican Senator John McCain. Especially since McCain is unprepared and not up to speed. But Me First McCain thinks this will be his campaign.

Unfortunately, McCain was a key player in the failure of an Immigrations Reform Bill

According to jwilkes:
On May 18, 2007, The Washington Post reported that McCain had locked horns with another one of his GOP colleagues, this time Senator John Cornyn of Texas. The Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill of 2007 had caused an enormous rift among Republicans, and the two Senators found themselves on opposite sides. Cornyn objected to a provision of the bill that allowed for what he perceived as too many judicial appeals for illegal immigrants. McCain called his objections "chicken shit" and accused Cornyn of making petty tactics to sabotage the whole bill. Cornyn took immediate offense.

"Wait a second here. I've been sitting in here for all these negotiations and you just parachute in here on the last day. You're out of line."

Then McCain, who'd been spending a lot of time away from Washington on his presidential campaign, got a little more out of line. "Fuck you!" he shouted. "I know more about this than anyone in this room!" McCain apologized shortly afterword.

McCain is not known as a good negotiator so there are sound reasons that the House Republicans are asking McCain to direct his attention to working with the Republican Senators. When asked by reporters if he wanted McCain sitting in blow-by-blow negotiations Rep. Adam Putnam, the No. 3 House Republican, simply smirked, mute for ten seconds as reporters laughed.

There are numerous opinions from the left and the right that McCain's intrusive entry into the bailout plan negotiations is counterproductive.

However, when and if an agreement is reached I'm sure the spin will be that Republican John McCain rode in and saved the day.

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Mosquito said...

I "see" that Joe Lieberman is back at John McCain's side....does this mean that Joe is ready to step in to replace Palin at a moment's notice?