Sunday, November 23, 2008

Another Bush Corporate Media Myth Exposed

The corporate media has done an outstanding job of limiting debate and options available to the American people. The corporate propaganda promotes the myth that the US media is liberal.
The actual bias is "corporate control" not liberal theology.

How angry would the American people be with George Bush and the corporations of America if it was well known that we could have deposed Saddam Hussein without an invasion, no loss of life, and without bankrupting America. The truth? Saddam Hussein offered to leave Iraq weeks before Bush invaded Iraq and this has been "KNOWN" all along and NOT been reported. A few reports have emerged in the US over the years but the media refused to report it the story has not become well known.

Doubt what I say? Then check out the multiple sources here.

Bush and the corporate media and their cronies lie to America and they have made huge profits from this.

Seems to me we need some new laws and regulations. What if..

No One could Profit from War. Corporations like to say they have the same "rights" as people (which I still dispute.) How about corporations have to be liable and responsible for their actions just like everyone else. Therefore, anything defense related has to be done at cost...actual costs NOT inflated costs. Corporate officers and top management should be prosecuted for any criminal decisions and activities that they participate in. Corporate decisions and policies should have a paper trail that can be accessed by regulatory authorities.

Media Corporations have to replace their fake news programs with citizen journalists chosen by local communities and regional communities that they serve. We will always have a need for sound local news reporting.

We should also realize that there are other areas where profit should not be allowed. I'm thinking clean air and clean water....these are basic human rights and corporations are currently trying to buy up the world's water. In fact, our nations banks are currently engaged in trying to purchase water rights in their unquenchable greed...the unquenchable greed that has currently landed us into our current economic predicament.

Shouldn't our Justice System go after the evildoers "especially" if they were the leaders making the biggest profits from this mess we are in? It's not about revenge it's about deterrence. We need to put an end to folks profiting from lying, stealing, torturing and killing for profits and/or power. The big fish should not be let off the hook if our justice system is going to be set right.

I remain hopeful that some on the extreme right are not lost in their Kool-Aid addiction and they will start to question many of the myths they currently swallow and will join the rest of the grassroots as we put the pressure on all our elected officials to serve our nation honorably,


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Mac said...

Oh, hey thanks. It's called Post-Katrina Blues, with poems, essays and photos of New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast, post-Katrina.