Friday, December 19, 2008

Juan Williams is the "Ultimate Ugly American"

FOX NEWS continues to broadcast hateful propaganda. The Iraqi's are ingrates because they are NOT grateful that Bush/Cheney invaded their country illegally and killed (at the best estimates) 600 thousand to 1 million Iraqi men, women and children? Get REAL FOX News and Juan Williams.

More Americans would be showing GW Bush and CHENEY their own disgust IF the corporate media gave a fair and balanced view which would include broadcasting the fact that Spain's prime minister met with George Bush approximately one month BEFORE Bush's illegal invasion to broker a deal---Saddam Hussein was willing to leave Iraq with his family, one billion dollars and information on WMD....the info on WMD was the paperwork that showed that George Bush's father supplied Iraq with the famous WMD that Hussein used on his own people. Saddam figured that this info would keep him safe from the George Bush's vendetta against him.

Now who's the ingrate? Juan Williams I hereby award you the title "ULTIMATE UGLY AMERICAN" of 2008. Maybe someone will invent another award tailor made for corporate mouthpieces like Juan Williams--the Ultimate Media Whore.


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