Friday, December 19, 2008

Is this REALLY NEWS? Arkansas family welcomes 18th child

This is more than a pet peeve of mine. I believe it is the basis for the destruction of the future of this planet. How DARE this woman pop out 18 would-be adults. What gall, to think she's SO wonderful, that her and her husband's genetics are SO special that the world should be covered with it! And it doesn't matter who the prolific offender is, from Angie and Brad to this woman in Arkansas. This planet is having a very hard time, for whatever reasons, feeding the people we NOW have, and women like these keep burdening our natural resources with their carnal results. HEY, I have an idea! It's what we tell our teens these days, intead of giving them what they need to prevent teen pregrancy. HEY, lady in Arkansas and the PITTS, JUST SAY NO! JUST Don't DO IT! BACK away from that penis, and give MY EARTH A BREAK!


Mosquito said...


I can think of more outrageous things to get upset about than this. I don't know the woman with 18 children but I can think of worst things that deserve more of my attention, time and energy.

I have to disagree with your critism of the Pitt/Jolie family(remember they aren't married....they are trying not to exercise heterosexual privilege and are holding off on marrying until their LGBT friends have the right to marry.)

Pitt and Jolie have three biological children (the last pregnancy gave the couple twins) and have adopted 6 orphans.

I find the Pitt/Jolie family to be admirable.

MB said...

Ooof. There are better ways to find entertainment. Make it a Blockbuster Night.

akesling said...

OH PAHLEEZE! If you bombard this world with more consumers, adopting a few from other breeders simply offsets your footprint! I made a decision to have one child, so that when the two parents died I would leave the world with a negative population. EVERYONE should think about that. I mean, really when you've had one kid, WHY would you want to have another, and another, and another? It's no longer "okay" to say, "I want a big family." It is no longer a choice. And NO, I do not agree with you. If folks stopped popping out little viruses, we'd have no other problems. When the population is out of control, EVERYTHING is out of our control.