Friday, December 19, 2008

The Obama Changiness

Obama appears to be on a mission to disappoint his progressive supporters time and again. We could begin while he was campaigning for our votes (remember that promise he broke when he supported giving the telecoms retroactive immunity?). Then Obama went along with the notorious Wall Street Bail Out and supported giving our hard earned tax dollars to the Wall Street Elite who got us into this mess with no strings attached and without doing his research. (Folks like Senator Bernie Sanders, author Naomi Klein, and journalist David Sirota were able to accurately predict that the Wall Street Bail Out was the wrong thing to do and predicted that the move would do nothing but hurt our recovery by wasting precious financial resources.)

Obama has now chosen to hurl a major disrespectful insult to his progressive supporters by inviting a preacher of hate to be his spiritual representative at his inauguration. Obama is using inclusiveness as his excuse to embrace and elevate a preacher of hate to the center of his inaugural event. This should have been a moment of UNITY and CELEBRATION. Instead Obama continues to EXCLUDE his progressive base.

So there will be NO inauguration celebration for the progressives who worked hard to get this politician posing as a change agent into office. A politician who EXCLUDES progressives and ELEVATES people who preach hate to powerful positions is not inclusive.

Inclusiveness is NOT an excuse for such outrageous actions that sell out your supporters again and again.

Hopefully Obama will stop EXCLUDING progressive supporters and disrespecting folks who simply want equal rights by elevating preachers of hate. Unfortunately I am seeing CHANGINESS masquerading as change.

It's time for some truth telling. Obama is NOT inclusive when he EXCLUDES PROGRESSIVES from his cabinet and his administration. Obama is supporting hate when he elevates a preacher of hate and conveys a high position of status to Rick Warren.

BO's judgement is stinking to high heaven. All of us who support equal rights should be angry with this horrible choice to embrace a preacher of hate.

FUBO!! I will fly the FUBO flag until you show some respect to the LGBT and progressive community.....Buzz....Buzz....Buzz....

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