Friday, January 02, 2009

B'Tselem questions Israeli account of attack - 1 Jan 09

This is how technology and hubris combine to create deadly consequences for civilians in Gaza, or for that matter in Baghdad or Fallujah at the hands of high-tech-worshipping Americans, and why it is actually a war crime to wage war in the middle of a civilian population.

Of course, some who watch this will say that the owner of the truck is a dirty Hamas liar, ect., etc., but that's clearly stretching it I believe. Having worked with gas cannisters many times over the years, I can say that the images in the video were the right size and shape for standard Oxygen or Acetylene bottles used in cutting steel.

Anyway, we all know that modern warfare has largely devolved into warfare on civilians, whether on purpose or by the inevitability of "collateral" damage, and that is one more reason why the institution of war must be taken down brick by brick.

This example of the truck being blasted by the Israeli Air Force also leads us to question how the so-called statistical body-count experts can so confidently state that only this many civilians died and that many military personnel died. How many more incidents were there like this in Gaza since the assault started?


Mosquito said...

Thank You Mac for keeping us all posted....I'm so sick of the lamestream corporate media and their insane focus on Blogo....when we have so many important issues that need addressing.

meged sherzer said...

There is an old saying: if you are walking on eggs, don’t run!
Meaning, if you know the flowing facts: 1. hamas is firing missiles on Israel. 2. Israel has drones looking for those missiles. 3. After the drone locates you get the shit bombed out of you.
There is another old saying... it is old as time itself…: DON’T FUCK WITH THE JEWS!!!!!