Thursday, January 01, 2009

Rob Kall Interview with Rabbi Michael Lerner on Gaza and The History that Brought Us To This Point

Rob Kall is the head of, one of the larger political websites on the Net, largely liberal to leftist, with some conservatives, some libertarians and a host of other voices off the conformist mainstream media path. He also has a radio program, and on New Year's Eve he aired an interview he had with Rabbi Michael Lerner, founder and publisher of Tikkun Magazine and co-founder of the Network of Spiritual Progressives. Rabbi Lerner is an outspoken critic of the old, self-destructive paradigms afloat in the world of endless war, greed, cynicism and fear that have brought the planet to the brink of collapse, morally, economically and environmentally. He is very keen on what is happening in the Middle East, knows the history, sees the current follies, and has some novel recommendations on how to bring peace to the Middle East, and to Israel and the Palestinians particularly.

You could, then, do worse then to listen to this hour broadcast at by clicking here. Then right click on the"Recording Download Link" and open or save that link.

Rob Kall has now released the transcript of his interview with Rabbi Lerner. Click here to read.

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