Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Buzz--Gazan Doctor wants answers from Israeli Military

This doctor is known for living a life of peace and reconciliation between Gaza and Israel. He lives in Gaza and work in an Israeli hospital. The Doctor says that his home has never harbored any fighters or terrorists. He is asking the Israeli military to tell him why Israeli tanks fired on his home and killed three of his daughters. He held a press conference and here's some footage.

If you go here you will see footage of the doctor in the hospital waiting room where one daughter and another niece are critically wounded and being treated.

The tensions remain very high and the ceasefire is fragile.


Anonymous said...

This is a terrible tragedy, but when will the Palestinians and their Muslim brothers and sisters finally take some responsibility for the mess they have made for themselves? They should throw off Hamas and make a life for themselves with what they have. To continue with violence and Hamas to devalue life.

Mac said...

You are forgetting the elephant in the living room, the Occupation, which is is an ongoing violence, physically and psychologically. That drives everything.

Star Womanspirit said...

Why is it that everyone is willing to tell the victim that they need to stop struggling as they lay on the floor with the 7 foot tall man standing on top of them with his foot on their throat? You get the 7 foot man to take his foot off the throat immediately before you even address the other issues.

this analogy is fitting and exposes the effectiveness of the propaganda that has allowed Israel to get away with violating international law and NOT PROTECTING the civilian population in the land that their military force is occupying.

It is so obvious that the Israeli government is terrorizing the people in Gaza and a neutral UN force is needed to guard the borders since the Israeli government has shown that it has no motivation to abide by the international laws that are designed to safeguard innocent civilians.

Cargosquid said...

Is the HAMAS charter propaganda? Why is it so hard to understand that HAMAS has said that they want to destroy Israel and kill jews? Why is it hard to understand that Israel is just taking them at their word?

HAMAS even admits that Israel warns the locals of impending attacks. Then HAMAS rounds up locals and surrounds the target,