Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rachel Maddow Show: Richard Engel Reporting From Gaza

This Rachel Maddow video discusses Israel's media planning and strategy to time and spin the war on Gaza, planning that began well before the ceasefire between Hamas and Israel was put into effect in later June, 2008, according to reporter Richard Engel, who has been talking to Israeli officials and states that Israel planned the Gaza operation for about a year. This means that for Israel, the ceasefire was only a Machiavellian tactic, not an end goal. Massive damage to Gaza was the end goal, and this was achieved, at the costs of thousands of deaths and injuries. The Lords of Karma are not pleased.

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Mosquito said...

Israel really did some intense planning...suposedly Israel has also stockpiled lots of US weapons and ammo in order to circumvent any leverage that Obama may choose to apply. They receieved a huge shipment of armaments in December and another huge shipment is en route and expected to be delivered in approximately one week.

So much for the smooth transition that the Bush admin was publicizing...they did everything they could to undercut the US' bargaining position in the Middle East situation between Israel and Palestine and "went along" with the latest atrocious Israeli war crimes.

Thank heavens Bush is out of the White House... unfortunately "Darth Vader" Cheney is staying in the DC area to continue to influence our nations poltics and foreign policy.