Sunday, January 18, 2009

Did Bush Ever Know Anything?

Finally George is honest enought to admit,"I dunnow." Unfortunately many of us have known this about you all along and seen the disastrous consequences of your "I dunnow" method of governing.

Hopefully this is a final Buzz Buzz on any member of the Bush family who is holding a nationally elected office. "Justice" and "compassion" are not strong suits for this elitist family.

Hopefully accountability and justice will be restored. Lots of veterans from the Iran Contra Scandal were recycled into the George Bush administration and this resulted in bigger disasters. It is absolutely necessary to hold these folks accountable for all the laws they broke...many of them are repeat offenders. We must be diligent and stop these massive criminal activities. We won't even have an idea of where we are and how we got here (much less how to solve our current crisis) without a thorough investigation of what the "'heck has been going on in our Nation's Capital. Some folks are already starting to sift through millions of the missing white house emails that after several years have "surprise" been found.

I always thought it was insane to wiretap the "powerless." I would LOVE to see a bill that demanded that every one of our leaders had to be on tape (unless they were in the bathroom or with family and friends (who were not also government officials). It's the folks in power that we need to keep a good eye on and know what is going on. But so much for my legislative fantasy.

Don't forget if you happen to run into George Bush show him the soles of your shoes. That is his legacy.

On Tuesday afternoon we will have an intelligent competent leader who is going to have to deal with the multiple disasters that Bush has left us. Let's all hope that Obama will do his job with integrity, honesty, competence and compassion.


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