Saturday, January 17, 2009

War Crimes du Jour: Another UN School in Gaza Hit by Shells - 17 January 2009)

Yet another UN school in Gaza has been hit by shell fire, and as usual, Israel immediately blames Hamas militants, stating that they were firing from the school. Each time the local UN officials have said there is absolutely no proof of this and that they have repeatedly given the Israeli military their coordinates and warned them that there are hundreds of refugees in their facilities.

How many times will Israel use this canard, I wonder? The world is not buying this. There are increasing calls that Israel be investigated for war crimes.

Sidebar for this Video:

UN school in Gaza hit by shells

Jan 17 - Palestinian death toll rises as Israel prepares to decide on a unilateral ceasefire.

At least another six Palestinians have been killed during a wave of Israeli raids on Gaza overnight. The casualties included two boys sheltering at a United Nations school hit by tank fire.

Paul Chapman reports.

UN condemns shelling of Gaza school

Saturday, 17 January 2009

A United Nations official has condemned an Israeli shelling attack that struck a UN school in the northern Gaza Strip and killed two people.

Spokesman Chris Gunness said the school was crowded with 1,600 people who had sought shelter from Israel's three-week offensive in Gaza.

It was latest incident in which Israeli fire aimed at militants has struck a UN facility during the offensive. Gunness says Israel had the coordinates of the school and knew it was being used as a shelter. He says there should be an investigation into possible war crimes, and that anyone who is guilty should be brought to justice.

The military was investigating the incident and had no immediate comment. But in similar cases, it has accused Hamas militants of staging attacks from schools, mosques and other civilian areas.


More than 1,150 Palestinians have been killed and 5,100 wounded since Israel began attacking Gaza on December 27 with an air blitz, and then moved in with ground forces a week later. A large majority of the dead are civilians.


formatted_dad said...

Here is a war crime for you. Jerusalem Post reports: 13 rockets, four mortar shells fired at southern Israeli civilian areas after truce takes effect. As this clearly shows Israel is the only party who will abide by any cease-fire or truce with Hamas. But of course you never report things like this. It is always an endless stream of Israeli "war crimes."

Mac said...

I have not had a chance to post anything today until now, or comment.

Israel declared a UNILATERAL ceasefire that Hamas had not even signed, so they had not agreed to anything when they fired another salvo. Several hours later they declared their own unilateral ceasefire, so now we have, ironically, two ceasefires that are not binding to the other side. That is not a good omen.

That said, we have already stated here that we condemn all attacks on civilians, both sides. Attacks on civilians are all war crimes. However, how many fatalities and injuries have the Hamas rocket attacks caused since the assault on Iraq? 4 deaths at last count, and what, a dozen or so injuries? How does that begin to compare with 1200 plus dead and over 5000 injured, and hundreds of millions of dollars in damage, and tons of food and medical supplies destroyed. The death and injury tolls will only climb after more people are found in rubble and more people die in hospitals.How many will develop lung diseases from all the ordnance toxins blanketing the atmosphere for three weeks?