Saturday, January 03, 2009

A MESSAGE TO A TERRORIST رسالة إلى إرهابي

For those who tend to think that all Moslems or all "Arabs" are fanatics and that the religion of Islam is inherently violent, then ponder this video. There are many Moslems who have higher spiritual awareness than we realize, and who are actually trying to turn their more benighted brothers within the Moslem world away from pathways of violence, rage and vengeance. These are the people we have to seek dialogue with in order to build bridges of understanding between Moslems and Jews and Christians. I have said before that we have to realize that the Sufi tradition within Islam has for centuries taught the path of Love, the same pathway that Christ taught. Christians and Moslems can find common ground through the Sufi teachings and the Gospels and work to build on that common ground.

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Cargosquid said...

Unfortunately, the Shia and Sunni tend to shoot them. Sunni consider the Shia and Sufi to be apostates. Shia fight the Sunni. And the Sufi tend to be peaceful. The lion is not yet lying down with the lamb.
Support the Sufi.