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The Reality In Gaza - Dr. Mads Gilbert of Norway Witnesses

Dr. Mads Gilbert of Norwac, one of the doctors allowed into Gaza to give emergency medical aid, described conditions to the world inside Gaza as of December 31. Things have only gotten worse since then. Meanwhile the world dissembles and pontificates to a large degree, while the United States blocks UN resolutions to stop the slaughter. I am reminded of the S.S. St Louis and the Voyage of the Damned.


Anonymous said...

Ben Alofs said...

Dear Mads Gilbert and Erik Fosse,
I understand that you have been able to enter the Gaza Strip via Rafah and are now giving medical assistance and witnessing first hand the terrible plight of the Palestinian people of Gaza.
As a Dutch health worker who volunteered for Norwac in the Palestinian refugee communities in Lebanon during the 1980s I am proud and glad to see that Norwac is still active and working on behalf of the Palestinian people.
I wish you all the best.
This obscene bombing campaign of the imprisoned people of Gaza, causing predictable large scale loss of human life must stop. It is a war crime.
I was at the Erez Crossing in October 2008, keen to visit the Gaza Strip and attend the 4th international conference organised by the Gaza Community Mental Health Program and the World Health Organisation to examine the impact on the mental health of the relentless siege Israel has imposed since many months on the Gaza Strip.
Then as now we medical professionals and journalists are denied entry into the Strip. Israel has things to hide.
I am shocked to see that today even the International Committee of the Red Cross is being denied entry into the Strip. This is a gross violation of international law.
How I wish I could be there right now to help. Dear Mads, Erik and Norwac, all the best. Your help is greatly appreciated and we need your first hand testimony from the ground.

Dr Ben Alofs, general practitioner/Accident&Emergency doctor, Bangor, North Wales, United Kingdom.

Lars93 said...

My dad works at the same hospital as Mads Gilbert. he got a txt message form Dr. Gilbert. Translated from Norwegian it says: They bombed the central fruit and vegetables marked in Gaza town two hours ago. 80 wounded and 20 killed. All of them came here, to Shifa. Hades! We are up to our knees with death, blood and amputants. Lots of children. Pregnant women. I have never experienced anything this terrible. Tell people, pass it on, shout it from the rooftops. Everything. WE MUST DO MORE! We are living in the history books now, everyone! Mads G, 1.3.09, 13:50, Gaza, Palestine (Anesthesia Doctor)

Larry said...

I cannot accept Dr Gilbert's performance on TV I cannot believe that the Israeli's are using weapons with uranium or other similar ingredients in their weaponry. This scare mongering about cancer is a lie. Are you a spokesman for Armedinajad. This is purely Hamas propoganda. Dr Gilbert you must speak the truth. This rubbish you are expousing for Iran and other such nations intent on destroying Israel is patently untrue. Perhaps the Israelis are doing Islam a favour by destroying Hamas.

Anonymous said...

It is a terrible situation in Gaza and Israel`s military should be aware that all atrocities committed, will just fuel the fire of hate in that region. On the other hand has Hamas brought this on their own people. The constant firing of rockets can no independent nation allow. It a lost cause to think this conflict will ever resolve. Thanks to extremists on both sides who all fight in the name of God, will this holy and beautiful land always bear the scars and is never to recover, thus stumbeling into a hellish future. Mads Gilbert is taking the side of the Palestinians, which is honourable and courageous but unfortunately not the whole truth. There is no black and white anymore...


Star Womanspirit said...

Larry--I maybe the one to burst your bubble but Israel gets most of it's weapons and ammo from the USA and yes we created a major nuclear mess in Iraq with our uranium "depleted" Israel does have weapons that are made with uranium....
supplied by the USA.
This isn't "news" since it's been known for some time however the corporate news media has NOT covered this adequately so many Americans are shocked when they finally do the research and get the picture of how these uranium depleted weapons are affecting everyone--incouding our soldiers and their families.

Anonymous said...

I would like to thank the medical team lead by Dr. gilbert in Palestine. Their dedication will not go unnoticed from the outside world. Our thoughts are with them during the barbaric attacks by the illegal state of Israel upon the innocent palestinians.
We support you in all you do.

janhoo said...

It may be of interest to you that Mr. Gilbert is a partisan observer who has long been active in Palestinian organizations in Norway. He is an active member of a revolutionary socialist party, and has also been vocal in his support for the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.

Mac said...

You are taking the doctor out of context. He is frankly talking about hypocrisy, about how, if America can attack other countries with impunity, why is it that others don't have a moral right to retaliate?

To put his words in context, I found this in a Norwegian document that I then translated online, where he and a colleague said this after 9/11. The translation is not the greatest:

"Mads Gilbert also commented on 9/11. He and colleague Hans Husum drew some other conclusions:

- I (Hans) am a doctor and could never lead a fly on the World Trade Center, but I defend the moral right to those you call terrorists to attack the United States, as a legitimate response to the attack 25 years of war, mines, Fasting and the embargo, "says surgeon Hans Husum by Region Hospital in Tromsø.

He has the support of over Mads Gilbert.

- The attack on New York was not surprising, since the policy has led the West in recent decades. I am upset over the terrorist attack, but is equally upset over the suffering which the United States has created. It is in this context 5000 dead people must be seen. If the U.S. government has a legitimate right to bomb and kill civilians in Iraq, they have also suppressed a moral right to attack the United States with the weapons they had to create. Dead civilians is the same whether they are Americans, Palestinians or Iraqis, "said surgeon and professor Mads Gilbert.

- Supports a terrorist attack on the United States?

- Terror is a bad weapon, but the answer is yes, within the context I have mentioned, "says Gilbert.

- You understand that this will cause reactions?

- Yes, there is nothing else to wait. The white world do not realize that it is possible to see such action in a different perspective," says Gilbert.

For better bio info on him:

Here is a blurb on him from He has worked all over the world, not just in Palestine:

Dr. Mads Gilbert has special interest in pre-hospital emergency organization and training in remote areas of the conflict zones and experience from Afghanistan, Burma, Cambodia, Kurdistan, Angola and Northeast Sri Lanka. He elucidated to the audience, how the tourniquet, a bandage recommended by the manuals in emergency medicine as well as the guidelines from ICRC and UN to stop the flow of blood from an artery by applying pressure, becomes a limb killer.


Here is a bio on him from Wikipedia, translated from the Norwegian:

Mads Fredrik Gilbert (born June 2, 1947 in Porsgrunn, Norway) is a Norwegian doctor, solidarity work and politician (Red). He is a specialist in anesthesiology and department head of the Emergency Medical Department at the University Hospital North Norway (UNN), and he has been professor of emergency medicine at the University of Tromsø since 1995.

Gilbert took the medical degree in 1973. In 1991 he was MD. for a thesis on the metabolism and blood circulation during anesthesia. He has been working with research and education organization in acute medical and treatment outside hospitals (including ambulance service) and with psychosocial support work by traumatic crisis and loss. He has most of his career from UNN, but has also worked at the hospital and Gravdal primarily in Karlsøy.

He has done important work in the dissemination of the same fields, including a TV series of seven programs for children and young people. He has also written a textbook of life-saving first aid, as in a period were handed out to all secondary school students in the country ( "Do something, then! Lærebok in the life-saving first aid" (Health, 1997), together with Kåre Moen and Cecilie Arentz -Hansen).

Gilbert has a long international work, which medisinfag and politics go hand in hand. He has been active in solidarity work with Palestinians Since the 1970s, and has numerous times behind them as a doctor in Palestine and Lebanon. He has been a key participant in a work that has made Tromsø claims to be the city in the world who have sent most health to Palestine. [1] For this work he has received several honors, including The Power of Humanitarity Award 2000 from the Palestinian Red Crescent. Gilbert has criticized Israel and the United States for what he believes are in violation of international law in Gaza and in Lebanon. [2]

Gilbert has also, among other things, together with colleagues Hans Husum and Torben Winsborg, jobba much to educate local health workers in krigsområder. In particular, it has been important to the teaching of Medical Information for my injured, something they have been working with in Afghanistan, Burma, Cambodia, Kurdistan, Angola and Nepal. In connection with this, the student wrote "Save Lives, Save Limba. Life support for victims of mines, wars and accidents, "which is translated into five languages. My Damage work is organized through Tromsø my injury senter (under UNN) and Trauma Care Foundation.

In 1999, was Gilbert and Husum Lærdals awarded prize in emergency medicine. [3] The prize will be awarded by the University of Oslo.

Gilbert is a member of the Red Options Alliance / Red and has, among other things, represented the party in the Troms county council in three periods (1979-87 and 1995-99).

In 2001, he was a key person in opposition to the hospital reform, the sick houses was transferred from counties to the state. He was later to start the action group "Yes to the coast, no to the Olympics," against the Tromsø should apply to organize the winter Olympics in 2014 or 2018. [4]

In 2000, selected Northern readers him to "This year the North."

Shortly after the attack on the World Trade Center in the United States in September 2001 stirred the excitement when Gilbert defended oppressed moral right to attack the United States. "If the U.S. government has a legitimate right to bomb and kill civilians in Iraq, they have also suppressed a moral right to attack the United States with the weapons they had to create. Dead civilians are the same whether they are Americans, Palestinians or Iraqis. "On the direct question whether he supported the terrorist attacks on the United States, Gilbert said:" Terror is a bad weapon, but the answer is yes, within the context I have mentioned. "[5 ]

New Year's Eve 2008, he traveled to Gaza along with colleague Erik Fosse to assist the hospitals in the war-stricken area after Israel's attack and invasion of Gaza. [6]

External Links

Trauma Care Foundation

[edit] References

1. ^ From Tromsø Municipality website
2. ^ Klassekampen: Will have an international commission (13.10.2006)
3. ^ The Laerdal Foundation for Acute Medicine
4. ^ Northern: Gilbert spearheaded the resistance movement (09.01.2004)
5. ^ Dagbladet: Forsvarets attack on the U.S. (30.09.2001)
6. ^ Catastrophic conditions. NRK (December 31, 2008). Hit 6 January 2009 (2009-01-06).

Rhotel1 said...

Dr Gilbert's claims about "fuel air explosives and depleted uranium" made in the Irish Times and elsewhere are categorically false. Hamas does not have a single tank. There are no targets for DU kinetic energy penetrators and there is no DU in any type of bomb. The fuel air explosive is not used in a heavily populated area - it was originally designed to clear a large of area of jungle and trees to make a landing area - it also was used on the caves at Tora Bora because it sucks the oxygen out of them. The situation in Gaza is grave, made so by the indiscriminate firing of rockets at Israel, rockets with increasing range and explosive power. Doctor Gilbert could just accurately report what he sees and he would be a powerful voice; he does not need to invoke the bogeyman of DU or the fuel air explosive. Doing that makes him a Hamas propagandist and if he truly is an international humanitarian aid worker, he does not need to be a propagandist. I would like to see him retract his false claims. That would make him the hero that he was just by going to Gaza.

Here are comments and links about DU that you all might find instructive - the lies have been flying around the internet as long as there has been an internet or close to it (1992 or so)

Why would Israel use depleted uranium in Gaza? Hamas does not have a single tank. DU is used only for anti-tank kinetic energy penetrators. It is not known to be used by Israel. There is no such thing as a DU-tipped bomb of any kind. That started as fiction posted by Doug Rokke and Leuren Moret during the last Lebanon war. It managed to even make it into the Syrian Foreign Minister's attempts to rebut the fact that processed uranium was found at the site of the "reactor" that Israel had bombed. It never was true - just because some propaganda organ posts it, does not make it true. DU is not used against people, it is used against tanks. it is not used in bunker busters. The Federation of American Scientists was formed to protest the atomic bomb; it is not some sort of government organization and they know better.

Here are some links to learn more - let's start with what is a bunker buster - a precision guided, hardened case bomb - the originals were made out of cannon barrel tubes - that is the hardest steel that there is.

Guided Bomb Unit-28 (GBU-28) Bunker Buster - Smart Weapons
Bunker Buster Bomb - Federation of American Scientists - Note that there is NO DU in this bomb

You don''t see any anti-DU crusaders picketing coal fired plants, but look at how much uranium, not just U238, but U235 and all the daughter decay elements and isotopes since it is raw uranium minerals, not the purified metal, that goes up the stack --

Uranium Emitted from Coal Fired Power Plants
Even U-235 is emitted from coal fired plants

Uranium, especially U238, is found everywhere on Earth and it has absolutely nothing to do with the use of DU kinetic energy penetrators being used in Gulf War, the Balkans (many of which are still intact inside their aluminum shroud - the Poison Dusters never tell you that because Rosalie Bertell knows that there is dust all the way from the airplane to the ground - she just knows, she has never actually done any research, but she is such a big name that the anti-DU crusade idolizes her) -- here it is used to date the age of 1000 year old Antarctic ice.

Los Alamos - Researchers find time in dusty polar ice
Note that this uses measurements of "femtograms" - one quadrillionth of a gram -- same (except misspelled) measurement as that for Specialist Matthew Gerard of NY National Guard
Mohammed Daud Miraki, an Afghan refugeee from the Soviet invasion in the late 70s's, frequently uses a photo of this disease, which was first noted in 1750 nearly a century before Uranium was first isolated as a metallic element - the disease has nothing to do with DU, but the photos are commonly used. The whole birth defects thing began as Saddam's propaganda in the early 90's and it suckered in the peace activsts who knew nothing about birth defects and believed what they were told

Video of Harlequin Ichthyosis
Photos of rare genetic diseases are often used to illustrate anti-DU sites and videos - here is a video of Harlequin Ichthyosis

Pages 32-33 of the UN Environment Programme report on Bosnia-Herzegovina show an intact 30mm penetrator fired from an A-10 aircraft seven years earlier - no DU ever touched the environment from this round - this is fairly typical for those penetrator rounds that miss the tank target and when you fire a 600 round a minute burst, most of the shots miss - that is where the vast weight of the DU allegedly converted to dust in Iraq actually is, safe and sound within a solid aluminum shell - (I will send this page to anyone who writes me at you can go to pages 32-33 of Depleted Uranium in Bosnia and Herzegovina - Postconflict Assessment

There are a number of other reports linked at Message 88, and you can go read the Files Section and learn about the con artists like Douglas Lind Rokke and Leuren Moret who push their DVDs, flood the net with videos, etc. -- You should also go to this link - www.chairmanofnordwave.blogspot.comand read below for more about the first of the anti-DU crusade DVDs, "Beyond Treason" -

The DVD "Beyond Treason" was cited by a Member of the
Canadian Parliament. The DVD stars Douglas Lind Rokke, Leuren K
Moret, Dennis Kyne and Joyce Riley. Kyne has made a maximum effort to
ingratiate himself with the anti-Iraq War movement and Moret and Rokke
even have ranged into the 9/11 Truth world in search of a better
paying audience.

David Von Kleist is Joyce Riley's husband. Together, they founded the
internet based American Gulf War Veterans Association and their
website prominently pushes "Beyond Treason". There is a forged
document in the DVD and on the front of the CD packaged with the DVD.
This forged document, The Memo To Groves from 1943 is the basis for
Moret's "61 Years of Uranium Wars". Anyone who carefully reads the
document will see that the words uranium, depleted uranium or even the
initials DU do not appear within the document. Instead you will note
f.p. - "fission products" and you will also note that these fission
products have a very high radioactivity, a near lethal 100 Roentgens/Day day. Depleted Uranium has human effects of its radioactivity measured
of in milirems - thousandths of a Radiation (Roentgen) Equivalent Man,
not 100R/day. 500 R in 5 hours is considered lethal. There are
numerous other errors in the DVD, which was the initial basis of
widespread veteran concern with DU.

Who is Dave Von Kleist? One thing he is, is a Neo Nazi. He is the
master of ceremonies at this Neo Nazi American Free Press/The Barnes
Review convention . He introduces
Doug Rokke as a speaker; he also introduces Holocaust Deniers and
admirers of Hitler, scroll down futher and see how the blogger exults
at the rude treatment of two Jewish Rabbis who have been conned into

If you would like, join DUStory - you will not be buried by mail - it is not a discussion list, but it is where I post links and documents as I find or come by them

Rhotel1 said...

News Release by International Red Cross/Red Crescent Society, Geneva

4-01-2009 News release 09/02
Gaza: as the conflict intensifies, the ICRC urges all parties to respect civilians
Geneva/Jerusalem/Tel Aviv (ICRC) – The Gaza conflict has intensified with the start of ground combat, causing increasing suffering to a civilian population already bearing the brunt of air strikes.

The firing of rockets from Gaza at towns in southern Israel is also causing suffering among the civilian population there. Both parties to this conflict must fully meet their obligations under international humanitarian law (IHL), in order to minimize the number of civilians killed or injured.

Most importantly, IHL prohibits direct attacks on civilians and indiscriminate attacks. The parties to the conflict must at all times distinguish between civilians and fighters, and between civilian objects and military objectives.

"Every person not directly participating in hostilities is protected under IHL and must not be harmed,” said the ICRC’s Director of Operations, Pierre Krähenbühl. “In a conflict situation, the only legitimate distinction is between civilians, who are protected by the law, and fighters, who can be attacked."

Furthermore, the choice of means and methods of warfare is not unlimited in the conduct of military operations. The parties must take all feasible precautions to avoid or minimize loss of civilian life, injury to civilians and damage to civilian objects. Military objectives must not be located in or near densely populated areas.

"Full compliance with these rules is of the utmost importance, particularly in the densely populated Gaza Strip,” said Mr Krähenbühl. "We are worried about the increasing number of civilian casualties and the increasing number of civilian buildings, including hospitals, damaged in the fighting. Key civilian facilities in Gaza, such as hospitals, water systems and sewerage installations were already in a precarious state because of the closures and import restrictions imposed by Israel over the past 18 months."

IHL also requires parties to a conflict to pay particular attention to the types of weapons and munitions used and their possible effects on civilians and civilian infrastructure. IHL prohibits the use of indiscriminate weapons which by their nature cannot distinguish between military objectives and civilians. Weapons such as rockets that cannot be directed at military objectives without endangering the civilian population are equally prohibited. The use of cluster munitions in densely populated areas would probably result in violations of IHL, as they cannot be used in such a way as to adequately distinguish between military objectives on the one hand and protected civilians and civilian property on the other.

Each party to the conflict must without delay do everything possible to search for, collect and evacuate the wounded and sick. Medical personnel, hospitals and other medical units must be respected and protected, as must medical vehicles, such as ambulances, exclusively assigned to helping the wounded and sick. Attacks on medical personnel are prohibited, as are attacks on facilities performing exclusively medical tasks.

For further information, please contact
Dorothea Krimitsas, ICRC Geneva, tel: +41 22 730 25 90 or +41 79 251 93 18
Anne-Sophie Bonefeld, ICRC Jerusalem, tel: +972 2 582 88 45 or +972 52 601 91 50
Iyad Nasr, ICRC Gaza, tel: +972 59 960 30 15 (Arabic)
Yael Segev-Eytan, ICRC Tel Aviv, tel: +972 3 524 52 86 or +972 52 275 75 17 (Hebrew)
Nadia Dibsy, ICRC Jerusalem, tel: +972 5917900 or +972 52 601 91 48 (Arabic)

Anonymous said...

Finnish Psychologists for Social Responsibility has urged the Finnish government and works with other NGOs to ativate the efforts to stop the fights in Gaza. It is very important, that you work alongside the Palestinian health care personnel. All the best for your work.
Sirkku Kivistö, occupational health psychologist

Anonymous said...

Dr Mads Gilbert is just another shill for the arabs - this person who calls himself a doctor who is bound by the hippocratic oath to first do no harm fully supportted the 9/11 attacks

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. Gilbert,

Why don't you go to Hamas leaders and ask them why they didn't provide medical equipment to Gaza people since 2005 instead of bringing weapons to the region and firing rockets into Israel territory. Please, post your answer. We would like to know what stops you from talking to Hamas leaders about that instead of blaming Israel in all the sins. Also, please remember, that Gazans vote for Hamas and thus brought this disaster on the heads of their children (exactly as Germans did before).

bernie said...

As some of your readers have noted, you've been duped, this Doctor is a Palestinian shill, see Norwegian Doctor in Gaza - Unbiased?

Anonymous said...

It has come out that the good Doctor is a member of the Red Party in Norway, a communist party that is very much anit-Israel. He also stated his backing of the 9-11 hijackers and the slaughter of the 3000 Americans. With this history, how are we expected to believe this man as he describes the casualties in Gaza. This guy is purely a propogandist for Hamas. Unashamedly so! Was this brought up at all in the introduction to this doctor so the public would know where this guy is coming from? No! It is no wonder Israel will not allow foreign reporters into Gaza. His story is so on sided. But I guess the you Israel haters will believe anything.

Mac said...

It is so easy to reduce someone to a few cliches, isn't it? What he said about 911 I had already posted above, as well as his membership in Red Options Alliance, and that statement can be interpreted many ways, obviously in the worst light by these last commenters in what they construe as a gotcha moment.

First of all, I wonder how many of you would even have the guts to do what he does, go into the Gaza Hellhole and operate on devastatingly wounded victims for days at a time without sleep. He has been doing this in different war zones for decades, and he has seen a lot of horrific things, often at the hands of the American government, directly or indirectly, so if he says things that are less than endearing about the United States, perhaps he has earned that right from years of staring at mangled bodies.

All this talk about being a Palestinian shill really bores me. This is just cheap shots. The Palestinians NEED to have someone to tell their side of the story, just like the Jews needed to have someone tell their side of the story in Nazi-Germany, because Israel and all its own "shills" try to repress this reality constantly, a very cruel reality indeed. So consider Dr. Gilbert as someone who is leveling the playing field a bit.

You see, I am fully aware how all the AIPAC types and all the "good-little Germans" that never, ever question anything the state of Israel does are trying to control the media reporting both in the US and in Britain, to mention a few countries. But it hasn't worked too well this time, has it?

Basically Dr. Gilbert is only confirming what we already know is happening, a wanton slaughter of humans. Everyone out there knows this is happening. The main pro-Israeli spin now is that, well, they deserve it anyway, or it's all Hamas's fault, not ours. "They keep getting in the way because Hamas is hiding behind them, and on and on." These are the rationalizations of hatred and blood-lust. Israel shouldn't be going down this black path in the first place. The whole paradigm is wrong. It is driven by hatred and vengeance, just as Hamas's paradigm is wrong for the same reason, so we have two scorpions locked in battle and innocent blood is spilling everywhere. Neither side has the wisdom to be part of the solution, so the rest of the world is going to have to step in to resolve this. If they can't or won't then this orgy of violence will only spread.

bernie said...

Allow me to understand you, Mac, you wrote that Israel is attacking Gaza because "It is driven by hatred and vengeance."

So you r position is that Israel left Gaza three years ago and was so consumed by hatred and vengeance that it attacked Gaza for no other reason? Missiles being lobbed into cities had nothing to do with it? Just spur of the moment hatred?

I guess I could agree with you but the twisting of facts necessary to do so would injure my brain, so I cannot.

As for confirming what we already know; that's a joke, right? How did you already know what was happening before anyone told you?

What you mean to say is, the doctor is confirming what you already want to believe. There is no such thing as something we already know before the event.

Before the trial, before I heard any evidence, before I analyzed both sides of the argument, I did not already know that OJ was guilty of murder. Anyone who says the trial confirmed what they already knew is really saying they prejudged the situation and the trial merely confirmed what they wanted to believe.

Only OJ already knew whether he was guilty or not.

I submit, my anti-Semitic friend, that you already knew there was wanton slaughter of humans before the shooting even started.

Listen, I am an Islamophobe, I admit it - I have a fear of a Muslim takeover of Western civilization, although I do not hate Muslims, I do not hide my bias.

You on the other hand, to be fair, should start your writing with a disclaimer: "I hate Jews so understand what I say from here on has nothing to do with reality."

Mac said...

Ahhh, yes, the last refuge of sophist Israeli apologists, puerile charges of anti-semitism. When all else fails, pull out that canard.

We are not talking about Perry Mason here where the evidence solving a grand jury case arrives in the eleventh hour. We are talking about a brutal war that has spilled into our living rooms slaughtering hundreds, wounding thousands. I suggest you watch Live for a couple of hours, then you will understand what I mean when I say the doctor is only confirming what we already know, that civilians are getting the Hell blown out of them. It is right there before your eyes if you care to look. You will get to see an endless parade of dead, dying or wounded Palestinians in Gaza's hospitals as the cameras pan about or the gurneys are wheeled by, loaded with bloodied men, women and children.

These slaughters are not acts of loving kindness, nor are they the acts of civilized people. They are the acts of Fascists, an ideology driven by hatred and sadism, an ideology that, apparently, has taken over the Israeli state. The rockets fired out of Gaza are symptoms of this emotional plague that has infected the Israeli state and created the conditions in Gaza to perpetuate rocket attacks and suicide bombers over the years and decades.

I have said before, if you don't want to be attacked by a mad dog, quit beating the dog every day. There can never be peace without justice, the most fundamental condition for peace, yet the Israeli state ignores this year after year. Hubris, profound hubris. They have never honored the UN resolutions that could have resolved this matter, maintaing an illegal occupation for decades.

Israel's leaders may say they are behaving rationally, but there is this giant collective Shadow they refuse to come to grips with driving their actions that remains in the subconscious. So this Shadow is projected onto and manifests in the Palestinians. While Israelis who support this ongoing butchery of their fellow humans stare at Hamas, chanting the endless mantra of "terrorist, terrorist", they are looking into a mirror of themselves.

Rhotel1 said...

Dr Gilbert may not even be doing that much "doctoring"; what he definitely is doing is "propagandizing" or just plain "lying". His claims about Israeli use of non-existent depleted uranium tipped bombs and about fuel air explosive were not the result of his having any actual first hand knowledge. No, these claims were made purely for their propaganda value; they excite the internet masses who do not know any better or who hate their own government so much that they believe liars with no actual credentials whatsoever. To me, that makes Mads Gilbert nothing more than a "shill" for Hamas. Who is speaking for the Israelis who have been terrified by (or worse killed or maimed by) the Hamas rocket attacks. Fourty-four pounds of high explosive packs a pretty good wallop and kills quite effectively. Rockets are unguided and fall where they fall with little or no warning to the victims. I would venture to say that the Hamas rockets are quite similar in their terror nature to the German V2 and V1 - the German Terror Weapons had larger warheads, but WW-II explosive was not as potent as modern explosive so a smaller charge packs a much bigger bang.

janhoo said...

I must agree with Rhotel1. While Mr. Gilbert may have expertise in medical matters, he is no expert on weapons or statistics. His outlandish world view, for exampling not being able to see the difference between terrorism and US foreign policies, means that he should not be trusted on issues outside his narrow field of expertise.

Dr. Mengele was probably also a brilliant doctor, but I would not have trusted any observations made by him in Nazi Germany. Similarly, I would hesitate to trust current day extremists like Mr. Gilbert.

Anonymous said...

Gilbert is as a socialist hero in Norway - does not like the west - and thinks that the 9/11 was OK. All in all - a very neutral spokesman for Hamas.

Anonymous said...

The Palestinians have a real opportunity for peace and proseperity if only they will rid themselves of Hamas and its charter, which calls for the destruction of Israel. Hamas has fired thousands of missles at Israeli communities, forcing Israel to defend itself.
Hamas uses Palestinian women and children as human shields. Hamas is more interested in killing Jews than it the welfare of its own citizens.
People who truly care about the welfare of the Palestinians would be more constuctive if they condemned Hamas instead of encouraging it by blaming Israel (as Dr. Gilbert is doing). So lets talk about how Hamas is the true enemy of the Palestinians, not Israel. They have every right to defend themselves and wipe out Hamas, since no one else is doing it. Oh and by the way, how about Egypt opening it's border and letting the Palestinian civilians go there for shelter while IDF is doing what it has to? I don't hear any Muslim country helping out the innocent Palestinan civilians.

Danny said...

Gilbert is not just an ordinary doctor. He is a political activist and member of the Norwegian Maoist 'Red' party. Not only is he viscerally hostile to Israel and a long-standing activist in the Palestinian 'solidarity' movement, but he even supported the 9/11 attacks.
Gilbert's Wikipedia entry contains the following (translated from Norwegian):
Shortly after the attack on the World Trade Center in the United States in September 2001 stirred the excitement when Gilbert defended oppressed moral right to attack the United States. 'If the U.S. government has a legitimate right to bomb and kill civilians in Iraq, they have also suppressed a moral right to attack the United States with the weapons they had to create. Dead civilians are the same whether they are Americans, Palestinians or Iraqis.' On the direct question whether he supported the terrorist attacks on the United States, Gilbert said: 'Terror is a bad weapon, but the answer is yes, within the context I have mentioned.

Anonymous said...

Dr. stark, raving, Mads Gilbert of Norway is being very disingeniuos in his tall, anti semetic tales. Hatred could never be bothered with facts. Poor Israel has shown extreme restraint for 8 long years while being bombed daily. 6,000 rockets slammed into Israel in the last 3 years without Israel taking any defensive measures to protect her own people. Even now she remains restrained, giving ample warning for civilians to flee to safety. Has Hamas or other terror organizations ever given such notice to civilians anywhere in the world? No. In fact, they TARGET civilians! They cowardly use their own women and children as shields. And the world says nothing.

Anonymous said...

Wow. The good doctor spent years in Medical School and now he is an expert in ordnance and weapons. Dr. Gilbert, please meet Dr. House and Marcus Welby,MD. Stick with your own peers!

Todd Disner said...

I wonder if the Palistinian people will vote Hamas in the next election?

After 50 years. look where their leaders have lead them.

AngloAm said...

You have to wonder why Hamas deliberately picked such an uneven fight. I mean, it's pretty stupid, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Clearly, Dr. Gilbert is a man of passion and commitment. He also seems to be a man addicted to the adrenalin of wartime emergency medicine.

Having worked in the ER, a trauma unit, critical care and high risk labor and delivery, I can tell you that such settings of medical/nursing practice consist of one high powered hit of adrenaline after another.

It is my opinion that in Dr. Gilbert's case such long term exposure to so much high energy trauma medicine has clouded his ability to think rationally. But, in fairness, perhaps he is unaware that most of the traumatic injuries to civilians are the result of the Hamas hidden ordinance exploding when the IDF hits a site. Perhaps he is also unaware that the IDF is warning civilians before hitting a target giving them enough time to leave... except that Hamas operatives often block the civilians from leaving the targeted sites.

Yes, I do think his brains have become addled. Physicians and nurses working in war zones often develop severe PTSD which can certainly affect cognition.

Anonymous said...

Gilbert is no "ordinary" doctor. He is a political activist and member of the Norwegian Maoist 'Red' party. Not only is he viscerally hostile to Israel and a long-standing activist in the Palestinian 'solidarity' movement, but he even supported the 9/11 attacks.
Whatever he says has no credibility. said...

The guy is a proven liar and a blight on the medical profession.

One can only hope that GOD will see fit to kill him dead before this conflict ends and rid of of his sorry stench.

Dawoud Sulaiman said...

I don't know for how long Israel and its supporters would persist on deceiving the whole world? Dr. Gilbert is not a Palestinian or an Arab. He is simply a first hand witness. No one has the right to accuse him of telling lies. Those who are defending the israeli war machine and the killing of over 1300 civilians and using internationally-banned weapons should listen to what the UN secretary General has said aboout the appaling scences resulting from the Israeli bombadment. There are also some honest Israelis who spokes out against this aggression.The Israeli soldiers have committed horrible war crimes that is why their government has announced that it will protect them against any condemnation by world tribunals.Those who insist on seing only one side of the coin should not forget that the Israeli army is an occupation force and the Palestinians have every right to fight this occupation which the cause of instability and injustice. I raise my hat to Dr. Gilbert and to all peace loving people of the world who went to the streets to make their voices heard and protest agaainst the Israeli atrocities.

Mark Johnson said...

Pro Israel's last wall of supporters is shaking severely. Very long and wide parts of the wall have already collapsed by virtue of Field photos and children's deaths and Field testimonies of trusted witnesses like Dr. Gilbert and Dr. Fosse who hold the torch of truth that illuminates roads for those who want to know, see and hear. Israeli is digging its grave by itself.

Zahra said...

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THank you so much.

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Anonymous said...

Amazing how people would try thier best to bash others who speakes the truth..
Dr. Mads, i would shake your hands and show you total respect for all what u have done in Gaza.. you didnt need to be there and you were offered to leave the war zone but you refusded accepting the same destiny that is falling on the Palestinians as yours...

For those who attacs Hamas for fihting the israel, read some history and the maybe you can understand that Hamas are throwing home made rockets on the land that was stoled from them and the people who used to live in what is called now israel were frced to leave thier homes and land and were imprisoned in this little place called Gaza, so actually they are freedom fighters who are not accepting to live crowling but die standing...

It is so easy to speak about the conflict when a person is sitting home with electrisity on and all the requirements of life are reachable defendng the israelies for thier deeds...

The Nazis called the resistance members as terrorists but who do we honor now?

Hamas , Hisbollah, and others who fight to liberate thier stolen and ocupied countries are being called terrorists now, well time will show...

The greatest enemy of knowledge i not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge. (stephen hawking)

Thank you again Mr. Mads for your great work and the choice you have taken to stay and become the eyes that the world could see through since the israelies denied the world to know what was realy happening.....

Roger Helbig said...

Suggest that all of you who truly believe that DU was used by Israel just read the report by the UN Environment Programme in Lebanon, the last time that these lies were raised by Palestinian propagandist - they went to Lebanon and made a thorough search of each of 32 sites where such claims had been made - they found no trace of uranium at most and a higher than normal level of natural uranium in the soil at the remaining one - Anyone can read the report, but very few do, they prefer to just believe because their politics support it -

Pages 6,7 in Foreword discuss that 32 sites were examined and that no DU was found

Pages 10, 36-38 (Sampling & Measurement equipment and techniques) and 145-153
(Weapons team findings) and 164 are germane to whether or not DU or any other "uranium weapon" as Chris Busby and his adherents like to call them, had been used. Bunker busters are specifically discussed and the negative results of smears of the walls of destroyed underground facilities are specifically mentioned. No
Uranium was found.

Roger Helbig said...


You have bought all the lies about DU.

Star Womanspirit said...
Larry--I maybe the one to burst your bubble but Israel gets most of it's weapons and ammo from the USA and yes we created a major nuclear mess in Iraq with our uranium "depleted" weapons

Depleted Uranium is not nuclear and we created no major nuclear mess by using DU penetrators to kill Iraqi tanks.

Israel has a tungsten anti-tank round that looks very much like a DU round. However, Hamas did/does not have a single tank. Why then, would Israel use a DU anti-tank round when fighting an enemy with no tanks? Israel does have weapons that are made with uranium....
supplied by the USA.
This isn't "news" since it's been known for some time however the corporate news media has NOT covered this adequately so many Americans are shocked when they finally do the research and get the picture of how these uranium depleted weapons are affecting everyone--incouding our soldiers and their families.

If Starwoman did the research, not just seeing how many blogs and messages that she can find, but actually learning about the basic science of uranium and radiation and learning that the liars post thousands of times and get freebies from sincere dupes like her. Then maybe, she will realize that she has been a sincere, but naive dupe. I will be glad to explain further if she writes me at .

Anonymous said...

israel never can hide anything they do forever. even in australia, people started being exposed to alternative media network and we all can see the truth behind the wall.

isreal wants not peace or justice, but land, and they will do anything to get it.

what dr meds talks about just the truth, nothing but the truth, your israel supporters hate it so much because he exposed isreal ball.

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Who is Gilbert? One may think he is just a compassionate Physician who volunteers to help the injured in Gaza. Time and time again, however, Gilbert has been exposed by as a radical Marxist anti-Israel propagandist. UNRWA’s spokesperson Chris Gunness encouraged journalists in this latest Gaza conflict to interview Gilbert, leading to a call from Israel’s Ambassador to the UN,for Gunness to be suspended. NGO Monitor profiled Gilbert, after Operation Cast Lead in 2012 as follows: During the fighting and afterward, Gilbert repeatedly and falsely accused Israel of deliberately targeting civilians and invented allegations of use of illegal weapons, while making no mention of evidence that Al-Shifa hospital had been used for military purposes and also shielded the Hamas leadership. There is also evidence that he helped stage emergency room scenes for a “propaganda effect.”
Dr. Gilbert is a former member of the fringe left Red Party in Norway, which has its roots in the
country’s Communist Party. Gilbert stood as the Red Party’s candidate in local elections. In summary, Dr. Gilbert is someone who uses his medical degree to hide the fact that is a radical leftist, an antiSemite and a liar.

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