Monday, January 05, 2009

State Sponsored Terrorism

The Israeli military continues to deny the press access into Gaza to shed light on what is occurring. The Israeli courts ruled that journalists should be given access to Gaza. The Military is continuing to refuse journalists access saying that under the court guidelines journalists can enter Gaza when the border crossing is opened. The Military will not say when the crossing(s) will be opened.

Therefore, it is difficult for the world to get a glimpse of the state sponsored terrorism that is occurring in Gaza.


Anonymous said...

What is Hamas' policy toward the news media? That is, what happens to journalists whose coverage of Hamas is unfavorable?

Star Womanspirit said...

Hamas is NOT blocking any journalists as far as I know...besides the power differential between Hamas and the Israeli/US state sponsored terroism is absolutely ridiculous. IF Gaza was not essentially an inhumane open air prison organizations like Hamas would be practically non-existent.

State sponsored terrorist activities are the creatie source for organizations like Hamas and Al Queda.

BTW--Anonymous is a perfect name for a little itty bitty boy...just mo!

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous is a perfect name for a little itty bitty boy...just mo!"

A couple of questions and you start calling people names. I guess such wonderfully lucid arguments are what makes you such a great peace advocate.

Anyway, I am thrilled to hear that Hamas is a stupendous supporter of freedom of the press.

Undoubtedly, it is as you and your fellow mosquitoes suggest. Only Israel has been trying to kill anyone, and Hamas has just been sitting on its hands. Those poor, downtrodden terrorist never said the planned to destroy Israel or fired a missile at anyone. It is all in the Zionists imaginations, and the Holocaust never happened. ;-)

Mac said...


Mac here. I have never said that. Of course Hamas is killing too. They are part of the cycle of violence, but, you know, most Palestinians call Israelis terrorists, so isn't that an entirely relative term? What we have here is the tunnel-vision of hatred, that locks one's enemy into a one-dimensional image, with no history, no context, no understanding by the other, and no communication. A terrorist, to use the term at all, is someone who has been driven to extremes. What caused that? Hamas will say 60 years of injustice by Israel made them violent? Israel will say 60 years of efforts to destroy Israel makes them violent. What has to happen? Some leadership on both sides brave enough to really communicate. If neither side can do that, then the rest of the world has to do the job, provide some adult supervision, because this whole Gaza nightmare is like a giant rumble by gang-members, with one-and-a-half million people caught in the cross-fire.

disaster preparedness said...

I wonder why the Military will not say when the crossing will be opened. Anyways I found your article to be pretty interesting and informative. thanks for the post