Friday, January 16, 2009

UN compound on fire from White Phosphours Shells

It appears that Israel continues to lie. Israel continues to deny it's use of white phosphorous.

Yet the U.N. is reporting that three white phosphorous shells hit a U.N. compound and started "raging fires" and the Israeli military forces failed to respond. This is being conservatively reported by the New York Times, a US corporate media outlet. According to the NYT report:

White phosphorus is a standard, legal weapon in armies, long used as a way to light up an area or to create a thick white smoke screen to obscure troop movements. While using it against civilians, or in an area where many civilians are likely to be affected, can be a violation of international law, Israel has denied using the substance improperly. On Wednesday, Hamas fired a phosphorus mortar shell into Israel, but no one was hurt.

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