Monday, March 23, 2009

Corporate Media Should Air This

These days corporate media even censors paid advertisements......this is evidenced by the many political ads they refuse to air. (An example of this is the wonderful ad that was refused during the superbowl which showed children working to pay off Bush's Deficit).

So...why in the world does the US INSIST on spending billions of dollars to lock up people who's only crime is to smoke a plant? Why in the world is tobacco legal when it is highly addictive and has no medicinal benefits to speak of? It's time to get real folks...
Allow folks that have a doctor's prescription to buy it from pharmacies (or grow their own medicines.

Better yet....legalize the plant so that "recreational users" can choose a healthier alternative to alcohol and the state can sell it to recreational users in their ABC outlets and make lots of money taxing the recreational use.

Just think of the funds we will save and this will also put a major dent in the illegal drug profits.  This is an economical way to help stop the violence in Mexico's drug war.

Take the profits away from the criminals.  Prohibition is expensive and does not work!!

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