Monday, March 23, 2009

Pat Buchanan and Mosquito Find Common Ground

Buzz....Buzz....I actually agree with Pat Buchanan on this one!!

Hope some of you were able to attend the Naro event with Kathy Kelley. Kathy humbly demonstrates how to live a loving peaceful life.

Clifford May makes many false statements...among them the outright lie that the Palestinians could walk out tomorrow (you will notice this produces a big laugh from Pat Buchanan). Note that Clifford May's response to the statement that "They (the Israelis) continue to steal their (the Palestinians') land is so irrational....Because they want all of Jerusalem. Such a lie.

We have corresponded with a 26 year old Palestinian man with a business degree who has been frantically trying to escape Israel's open air prison system....He "thought" he was finally going to be able to get a job and a visa in England. But that fell through. The fellow is beside himself with frustration, depression. To live in an environment where a rogue government is involved in war crimes and alleged ethnic cleansing.....

How can Americans allow their tax dollars to be spent in attacking civilians with horrific munitions that are "war crimes" when used in civilian areas?

Why does our government allow such madness? Why is Obama continuing to support Israel's alleged war crimes? Now that I think about it why isn't Obama seeing to it that an independent special prosecutor investigate the alleged war crimes of the Bush Administration? More than a million Iraqi's have died (the majority are civilians) and more than 4000 American soldiers have died to enrich our VP Dick Cheney and Bush cronies....

This is the sort of thing that continues to make us a target of terrorists.

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