Sunday, May 24, 2009

Another Innocent Man to be Executed?

Troy Davis faces execution for the murder of Police Officer Mark MacPhail in Georgia, despite a strong claim of innocence. 7 out of 9 witnesses have recanted or contradicted their testimony, no murder weapon was found and no physical evidence links Davis to the crime. The Georgia Board of Pardon and Paroles has voted to deny clemency, yet Governor Perdue can still exercise leadership to ensure that his death sentence is commuted. Please urge him to demonstrate respect for fairness and justice by supporting clemency for Troy Davis.

Note: This petition will not result in the release of Troy Davis from prison. He will remain behind bars. However, signing this petition may help prevent an innocent man from being executed by the state of GA.

Go Here to Sign The Petition.


James Young said...

Un, "another"? Name one.

Better yet, name one person you think worthy of the death penalty. Then perhaps you can be taken seriously on the subject.

Star Womanspirit said...

What a weird comment. There are numerous "anothers" at this URL

You have a habit of ignoring the main point. So James do you think the state of GA should proceed with an execution when there are serious doubts that the accused is guilty of the crime?

It's hard to take your extremist views seriously James.

James Young said...

And you have a habit of relying upon "evidence" which doesn't sustain your assertion.

Checked your link briefly, and it looks as though it names a number of people FREED from death row. Hence, no innocents executed, and the system worked.

As for Troy Davis, you provide no links to sustain your assertion, he's had an unknown number of years to seek relief.

BTW, if you truly had the courage of your convictions, and actually believed him to be innocent, you'd call not only for executive clemency, but for release (and I'd agree, if I believed him to be innocent).

Your very qualification belies the point you're trying, unsuccessfully, to make

Star Womanspirit said...


You are a constant critic and you need to learn to read for comprehension. The link I provided has a number of folks listed who were executed even though they were innocent. It's amazing what you don't comprehend when you are given a link.

AMIT said...

American Police does this to many people.Due to which many people life became worst.

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