Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Obama and the Democrats Have a Problem


The Democratic Party is no longer the party that defends Civil Rights. So what is the difference between the Democrats and the Republicans when it comes to Don't Ask Don't Tell?

Meghan McCain has a legitimate point and President Obama and the Democratic Party are going to have a major setback from their progressive base if they don't honor their promise to eliminate Don't Ask Don't Tell.

President Obama needs to honor his campaign promise and put a moratorium on Don't Ask Don't Tell until the Democratic Congress can address this issue.

Otherwise no self respecting member of the LGBT community and no progressives will continue to support the Democratic Party. With no change in sight it looks like hypocrisy, not change, will be the appropriate descriptor for Obama and the Democratic party

If the status quo is going to continue in DC looks like progressives will need to start investing our resources in other arenas like the Green Party.

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