Monday, May 04, 2009

Crazy Michael Steele

When are these right wing extremists Republicans going to grow up and realize that ADULTS PREPARE for future occurrences. No one knows when a pandemic disease is going to happen. But we need to pay the necessary funding for a public health structure that can assist us in a variety of health problems and issues.

We need to pay taxes for good government programs--transportation, a social safety net, etc etc. One reason Germany was balking at contributing to a world stimulus package is because Germany has invested in a strong social safety net that will take care of it's citizens in times of financial crisis. They already have a sound infrastructure in place so they don't need to bail out rich powerful elitist bankers.

Michael Steele you need to realize that the American people voted to get rid of the mindset of reducing taxes for the rich, the powerful, and the large corporations as the end all be all answer to everything.

But keep on talking Michael. The people are turning their back on you and the media that continues to promote the corporate agenda of don't raise our taxes just give us our tax breaks and subsidy mindset.

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Citizen Tom said...

Are you kidding? What did the stimulus package have to do with the flu? Does the economy have the swine flu?

The stimulus package was suppose to be one time spending to stimulate the economy. Some Republicans fought porking it up. Are you really so silly as to think that shows a lack of foresight?

Think it through all the way. Preparedness for possibility of a flu pandemic has to be funded with recurring funds, not a one-time pork barrel bill. We need the Center for Disease Control to detect pandemics early on, not to bury the dead.